Blackberry KEY2 LE Review – Cheapest Smartphone with a Keyboard

The review of the Blackberry KEY2 LE Smartphone.
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This is the review of the Blackberry KEY2 LE after using it for over a month.
This smartphone retains the shape of the original Blackberry KEY2 but it is $200 cheaper.
Throughout this video you will find out if it’s worth getting this phone over the more expensive Blackberry KEY2.

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25 Replies to “Blackberry KEY2 LE Review – Cheapest Smartphone with a Keyboard”

  1. the_boon

    Hey nice review man, I like that you're really open minded about the physical keyboard, and that you actually used this for a whole month before giving a fair full review.

    One thing that would have been nice to mention is the reception, it's AWESOME due to the polycarbonate body.
    I get signal in places where the KEYone wouldn't even dream of getting it.

  2. Scott S. diVincenzo

    thanks for the HR9 recommendation , we purchased the ( updated version ?) but then discovered the HR9 ULTRA something – not sure of the differences. between the two HR9s.

    anyway , as you stated , these cams take great bright light photos & video however they are not so great for low light .

    anyways, do you have a suggestions for off brand batteries that hold a longer change then the stock batteries ?

  3. finite tuning

    "Hey there sexy thing!!! :)" lol; Yeah, I miss the days of tactile function over form, I'm surprised that a physically keyed phone of any kind is still in existence. Now we have a smart key on cellular phones that only do one thing,,,, take screen shots,,,, along with 2 other buttons that perform the exact same function! I'll never understand this world. Excellent review though, as always.

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