BlackBerry Key2 LE Review | Is It Worth the Price?

The Key2 LE is a more affordable version of the Key2, which launched earlier this year. If you look at things purely in terms of hardware and specifications, that price is still completely unreasonable, and you can easily find similar phones selling for half as much or even less. The value proposition is almost entirely predicated on the keyboard and BlackBerry’s software. Are they good enough to outweigh all other concerns? And who should really buy one of these phones in 2018 anyway? We have the answers.

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18 Replies to “BlackBerry Key2 LE Review | Is It Worth the Price?”


    I don't know what research did 360* had done.. you ppl go n first use the device of blackberry yar.. u r making such comments like you have never used that phone .. 'security app installed on the device is useless' hats of to you guys reviews like this is such a shame.. go read about the dtek app .. go n read about the security patch of blackberry. And yes it's camera is not good and phone is costly.. yai to sabko pata hai .. bevkoof bananai ki bhi had hoti hai .. use YouTube for a good purpose. Totally biased review.

  2. the_boon

    It's not about NEEDING a physical keyboard, it's about WANTING one as typing on glass isn't satisfying in the slightest

    Typed on my LE and it's an awesome little device for what it was designed to do: communicating

    Physical keyboard + polycarbonate build make this an awesome communicator

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