BlackBerry KEY2 LE Review – The Best of the New Berries

My review of the recently released BlackBerry Mobile KEY2 LE – in Atomic Red. Also available in Slate Gray and Champagne color. This is my full review of the KEY2 LE, which is a follow up from my unboxing video and initial impressions. The BlackBerry KEY2 LE is a “lite” version of the BlackBerry KEY2 that debuted this past summer. Most of the changes are under the hood, dropping the processor and RAM down a notch, and also removing the capacitive “touch sensitive” keyboard, which allowed for swiping and gestures. However, there was a fairly decent chunk taken out of the price tag as well – about $200, which makes most of the features of the KEY2 LE much more attractive – especially in the Atomic Red color.

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11 Replies to “BlackBerry KEY2 LE Review – The Best of the New Berries”

  1. 48thRonin

    Blackberry bold, Storm 1&2 all Bb 10 phones twice over 3 passports, Priv, Motion and Key one. Just ordered the LE and this is THE vid for the LE . Thank you!

  2. Brett Braswell

    I haven't gotten the low RAM. It's not recommended to leave a ton of apps running that your not using it will deplete your resources and battery. So it's good you learned better mobile practice. The point of "easy to run" apps is to resume and open seamlessly without wait or lag. Unless it's something you are actively tasking with you should close it. If I needed a ton of apps to be open at one time I feel like my device isn't doing its job. It should make keeping up with communications and information quickly so you can put the phone down. So if your looking at the device or not you are still getting things done. This concept is what has left me turned off from flagship. The obnoxious screens and specs are geared to keep me consuming, not producing, and we should be living our best lives. People in their phones all day are typically unemployed. How do you afford your rock'n'roll lifestyle?

  3. RoastBeefSandwich

    Got mine for $320 at Best Buy on Christmas Eve. Can't beat it at that price. The gray one that is. I love the Hub though. I have used it on non-BB Android phones I loved it so much from the Q10.

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