Blackberry Key2 LE vs Key2 | What's changed?

We compare Blackberry’s new Key2 LE smartphone with the original Key2 smartphone, to see what’s changed in the specs, camera tech, design and other bits for this budget-friendly BB phone.

The cheaper Blackberry Key2 LE sports a more basic dual lens camera, although the features remain the same, compared with the original Key2 handset. This LE model also pares back the specs, with a Snapdragon 636 chipset rather than a 660, and less memory and storage.

However, the Key2 LE still boasts the same great Blackberry software as that full-priced original. You get the BB Hub, smart security features like Dtek and plenty more besides, all on top of Android Oreo.

Check out my full BB Key 2 LE unboxing over on Recombu and my in-depth review will be going live soon after this comparison. You can also see my coverage of the first Key2 smartphone over on Recombu, for more on Blackberry’s premium 2018 device.

42 Replies to “Blackberry Key2 LE vs Key2 | What's changed?”

  1. Carl N

    Blackberry is for people who are too busy pounding out emails to customers. For professionals who REALLY don't want to make typos when they are typing….and only pick up their phone when it means they want to make money…. Leave the iPhones for people who don't understand these simple concepts.

  2. Don Mateo83

    Still rocking my keyone better device overall and bigger screen plus I use my shortcut keys with one button only not holding down one key than hitting Shortcut button

  3. Kore Rozzik

    SO the only good thing about the LE is the price and cool atomic color…I really like the passport like keyboard features swipe up for words and swipe back to delete and keyboard acting as trackpad…not sure I want to give that up. Wish they'd price the key 2 a little better

  4. Sharon Podesta

    I'm dying to get a Key2 but $830 CAD is steep…However I use the camera for work and for fun sooooo the paired down camera on the LE kind of reinforces my resolve to get the full Key2. I think I'm gonna do it, just waiting to see if I can maybe get a deal or something… Love BlackBerry, cannot wait to get my hands on one!!

  5. AdvantageSchool1

    Good to see a more economical option. If you can live without the capacitive keyboard and are not a heavy gamer, then the LE with its colour options and specs, is great value for money compared to its bigger sister.

  6. karan Riar

    I got both silver n black key2's,, pretty awesome device and a nice upgrade from the keyone.. Gonna look for the atomic key2 LE when it hits the market in States.

  7. Muratcan Topuz

    Blackberry needs to make a full touch screen Phone with a keyboard cover that you can put on when you type and when you play a game you can take it off I don't know if you guys get what I meant but yeah that would be amazing ?

  8. Motley Zen

    I picked up the key2 le for $450 in USA. I was a long time curve user over the bold. I always choose weight over style. The LE is so much lighter and easier to handle than the meta key2. The camera on the LE seems to do the job and I don't need the 2x on any smart phone. To be honest I wish they made a blackberry without a camera. I the only thing I would change is to make the device shorter. A 3 inch screen with the same keyboard. The size of the bb q10 with android would be my dream communication device. I have locked the orientation to portrait and really like the picture in picture for youtube and youtube tv. I had the iPhone 10 and you can't multi-task anything and it weighs a ton! Lastly my favorite thing about any blackberry is not needing a stupid rubber case in order to operate the phone. I am so tired of the class sandwich and rubber condom approach. Great detail on the video.

  9. Horatio Jones

    Big dissapointment on the Key2 was omitting WiFi Wave 2 compatibility to improve data throughput and not graduating to the 800 series Snapdragon processor to improve multitasking. Waiting and hoping TCL will do the right thing.

  10. Eduard Pertíñez

    BBM is making the right steps to total anihilation. Last one is key2le. Taking away the best feature they have (capacitative keyboard), totally needed to avoid having to touch the already small screen is so stupid you cannot understand why. And yet, they had the perfect phone shape, BB Priv and never did a Priv 2 solving the only problem that phone had, the chipset.

  11. Fawad Bilgrami

    Key2 capactive keyboard does make a big difference. The swipe to delete, selecting text, double tap for cursor more, quickly jumping through SYM etc is very useful.
    Once you get used to it, you cant go back

  12. Sherman Munn

    Loved my Blackberry back in the day…but since the HTC EVO came out, I’ve been Android and Apple. I’d think abut BB again if they came out with a full screen rival to the Galaxy line. Great video Chris!!

  13. Winston Lee

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  14. Running Potato

    Great content! But I keep wondering, how are you able to get your hands on such devices and keep that high quality? (Keeping your current reach in mind, which will undoubtedly grow 🙂 )

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