BlackBerry vs Android vs iOS vs Windows 10 Mobile – Part 2 (w/ BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition)

UPDATE (10/4/16): I created a walkthrough and tutorial here on how to get the Google Play Services on BB10:

NOTE: I couldn’t polish this video and sound more. Already held this one back a week. I’ll make sure to refine the next ones in the series.


BlackBerry has been my de facto primary workhorse. From the BlackBerry Legacy OS to BlackBerry 10 OS, it just kept working. In my ongoing video series covering the major mobile operating systems available on the market today, I showcase how the latest offering of BlackBerry 10 handles as my daily driver.

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25 Replies to “BlackBerry vs Android vs iOS vs Windows 10 Mobile – Part 2 (w/ BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition)”

  1. Tshwanelo Tsoai

    android is not user friendly, and i don't like the fact that I have to allow google to access my info everytime i open an application for the first time.. even their media player sux.. google is the best search engine by far.. integrating with phones, i dnt agree,. blackberry 10 is awesome. since its dawn from the q5 to passport. blackberry should really consider investing more into its operating system.. its beautiful

  2. Vonslik69

    You have sincerity and passion in your voice when speaking about your Blackberry 10 experience? I totally agree with you about the great features. Great job.

  3. ispy050

    Thanks for sharing, Andres! I'm about to pull the trigger and purchase this guy. I had the original Passport for 30 days and then sent it back because I wasn't able to deposit checks via the Bank of America app. Not doing much of that anymore, and I miss the Passport. The Silver Edition looks nice.

  4. Emilations

    Does your Passport SE overheat like mine? Mine does it on simple tasks like the browser for example. I don't even have any android apps on it yet.

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