Blink Home Security Camera System Review – Android & iOS compatible

A review of the Blink Home Security Camera System. Complete unboxing and setup. Demonstration of the app and features of this wireless home surveillance kit.

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  1. Anan Buvkhome

    I own Blink, Canary and Butterfleye cameras>>>  Blink is the best of the lot — does not require a monthly subscription and battery option makes it flexible for positioning. Affordable solution for multiple cameras. Interface is good. Only drawback is that it sometimes loses connectivity.

  2. Cole K

    Hey we are looking into ordering these like right now how do u like them as of now? Do they notify your phone if there is any motion or action because we purchased other brand earlier and it didn't do that n now we r looking at these. What do u think of these cameras overall?

  3. sue thomas

    I have the 3 camera, when I try to set up #2 and 3 cameras it turns the 1st cam sync module off. I can't get all 3cameras on at the same time. Could you assist me. I'm using my IPad to set it up. Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

  4. Hector Escobar

    Thanks for your review. I found it very helpful. Question, In reading your reply, and in looking at their FAQ section, it appears as if the USB port on the sync module is currently not an active port for additional storage. Is this correct? Also, I noticed the ethernet port on the camera is currently not needed (since you use WiFi to set up). In your video you appear to have it plugged in. Just curious.

  5. Mike Malloy

    I'm sure the answer is yes but surely it come with a schedule when to be active. No need for it to blast you with alerts when your home walking around.

  6. Thomas

    Thanks for the great video, but I can't even sign into the Android app… it crashes and goes back to the sign in field. Not a great way to start with this product. Can't do a thing with it.

  7. Aaron Anderson

    I was so upset with this setup Im doing everything right and it will not add the camera. I wish I would have looked and researched this out. They have no phone number for support. Im mad sitting here with money out of my pocket and it will not work!!!!!!!

  8. fishrman77

    great video. wanted to get these, but customer service scared me with keeping those camera inside only. how's the one on your front door? i wanted to put one there too. was going to put it inside the window but then night vision wouldn't work and not sure how good the motion would capture video through the window. saw a few videos where people are putting them outside covered from weather, just wondering how yours were doing. thanks.

  9. DASGeek

    I received a coupon code from a BLINK newsletter I thought I would share with all of you if you're thinking of picking up one of these units. For a limited time only use coupon code VACATION to receive 10% off. BLINK does not sponsor me and this code came to my email so I do not know how long it is good for and can't guarantee it will work but wanted to pass it along. Thanks for watching the video!

  10. Dewayne Treadaway

    nice walk through of these cameras. I am interested in them for a remote place. You stated that you added USB memory for additional memory to upload videos. I read this but it said that it was a feature that they have not enabled yet. So you are able to eliminate the need for internet? I understand you wouldnt get notifications or do live view remotely but it would still record video for review later, is this correct?

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