Block Persistent Notifications in Android Oreo – AutoNotification

Learn more about AutoNotification here:

More about AutoNotification 3.0:

Text used to block both “running in the background” and “USB” notifications:

(running in the background)|USB)

26 Replies to “Block Persistent Notifications in Android Oreo – AutoNotification”

  1. Legion

    The simplest way is to add the system app (Android System) and it blocks all annoying notifications like USB, hotspot, and the ugly red stripe when Developer Options is on. On my NEX 3 I also add 'vivo service' and 'wisdom engine' to stop other irritations like 'Do Not disturb mode enabled' and 'so and so is displayed over over apps'. The blocks are retained after reboot. Excellent app.

  2. Thomas

    I'm having some issues though. In my case I block the snapchat "is typing" notification and it works but I do hear a slight vibrate before AutoNotification gets the chance to dismiss the notification. Can I do anything about that? Battery wise, autonotification and anything else tasker related is set to unoptimized.

  3. Raymond Basa

    Hello. I'm trying to get this to work with the "displaying over other apps" notification, but to no success. Do you have any idea what the problem could be? i've put "displaying over other apps" in the filter

  4. Gimme Themtoes

    i update my phone yesterday, im like ok apps are running in the background, and its telling me because?, i was like how do i get rid of this crap, also the stupid thing kept telling me voicemail is running

  5. orianna felicity

    I've watched this video three times and done what it says and I still have the notification ! app is Twilight and title is "running in the background". I even tried clicking the regex box.

  6. Tomasz W

    If you block the notification aren't you running the risk of the respective app being killed in the background? To the best of my knowledge those notifications are there precisely for that reason?

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