Breaking News: Gavin Williamson sacked as defence secretary over Huawei leaks

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has been asked to leave the government after an investigation into a leak from the National Security Council.

A Downing Street spokesperson said Theresa May had “lost confidence in his ability to serve” in the cabinet.

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33 Replies to “Breaking News: Gavin Williamson sacked as defence secretary over Huawei leaks”

  1. e causey

    hhhmmmHuewai- the SAME/net work IT genius Arjen Kamphuis,used to find back door hack/in Germany's March,electionmachines??sadly, he laughed about it on a livetv show..

  2. BrexitNow

    Huawei came up from nothing by retro engineering cisco equipment…..that is probably the reason the US does not want to buy their kit and wants us to boycott the products too….but….should we buy from companies that basically clone technologies others have spent time and money on developing…or do we believe in fair trading practices????

  3. Max Wolfe

    Criminally Insane Gavin Williamson rumoured to have been on HMS Vigilant nuclear armed submarine when he ordered a nuclear strike on Russia.

  4. Jake B

    Scape goat ? – But let’s not forget the more serious matter of signing a deal with the Chinese ??‍♂️ Why does the UK never do it’s due diligence? Reminds me of the Brexit Ferry ⛴ shenanigans.

  5. Nabil Alibahader

    مملكة العهرالعربي وامارات الدعاره ..انتم ياشركات البترول الصهيونيه ليس لكم شرعيه في جزيرة العرب ايها المستعربين احفادالغزاه قربة ايامكم انا كيمني الحوثي لوكان ع ديانة اليهود فهويدافع عن وطن ياعربان ياتابعي الصهيونيه لعنتوانتم وشرعيتكم الشرعيه لمن يقول لكم كفوعن عدوانكم ..لولا الخونه لما دنستم ارضناءولاكن نقول لكم ان الخونه معلبات فاسده بداة صلاحيتهاءتنتهي حتماءوفي كل الشعوب هناك خونه ولاكن هذه الجراثيم تنتهي امام الحصانه الوطنيه ..نحن اليمن يارعاة الشاه . اخزاكم •اللّـہ̣̥ يالقطاء اخرالزمان ..

  6. MC2

    He should have Defended the Nation and sacked her.
    was he not too keen on the EU Army? best find someone who is then, or vice versa.

  7. Protestant

    Gavin Williamson is a HERO for EXPOSING TREASON. Teresa May should be ARRESTED FOR CRIMINAL COLLUSION WITH A FOREIGN POWER against the national security of Great Britain and the British people.

  8. tpmbe

    How did he ever get the job in the first place…it just shows how untrusted our politicians are ….. the sooner we have new parties and Brexit we can get on with getting rid of these muppets

  9. Richard-Anthony Gilbey

    They say its harder to leave the Royal Air Force than the IRA, in which case woooooooooooo, cuz we hated Williamson. Nice work PM. Now if parliament can stop trying to choose the Air Marshall and get bk to emptying bins in Liverpool n Birmingham.

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