Build A Website On An iPad [LIVE]

Need to build a website for your small business? You can do it using an iPad! In this class we’ll show you how to build a website using Weebly’s new iPad app. You can start your site on your iPad then move over to your computer (Mac or PC) to polish it up. We also recommend using the Weebly for iPad app to manage your website so that when updates need to be made (like announcements, replacing photos, etc.) you can very easily do that from the App too.

– for domains and hosting (and IMAP e-mail)
– for building the site online
– Mark Collier – Expert in Weebly & Design
– Advanced Weebly Templates
– For Custom Web Forms

27 Replies to “Build A Website On An iPad [LIVE]”

  1. Freya Trull

    Could you do a video specifically on adding products and setting up the payment! Im very new to this and could do with a slightly more in-depth video on that ?

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