BUYING and UNBOXING the iPhone 11 Pro Max ! | Veda Day 15

SUBSCRIBE! Hello Everyone and welcome back to my channel! If you’re new here, go ahead and subscribe to ya girl! Anywho, I decided to trade in my new iPhone 11 Pro to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’ve been wanting a max for a long time now, but I didn’t originally purchase that one due to the random situation I was in when my iPhone X got smashed. I’m still shaking my head about that. I bought the midnight green iPhone with 64gb storage. I need more storage but these phones cost a damn body. Come with me to T-Mobile to buy my iPhone AND we’ll unbox it in the store. It’s very satisfying. I hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments which videos you’d like to see about any of my Apple products. Lastly, I crave a steak and cheese from Jersey Mike’s Subs. But we’ll get into that deliciousness a different day.

With Love,
Nina 💋

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46 Replies to “BUYING and UNBOXING the iPhone 11 Pro Max ! | Veda Day 15”

  1. LoveLifeBS

    I just got mine too and I love it! I thought you were in Connecticut! The mall looks like one of the malls we have here too! Enjoy your phone ❤️

  2. Miss Tee

    Everyone is saying wait for the 12 but it’s literally gonna be the same gotdamn phone 🤣 just with an extra camera it seems like. I also just got the 11 pro max and LOVE it. You’re beautiful btw ❤️ and son is absolutely adorable. Nothing like mother and son 😍

  3. Israel Luera

    Everyone be buying the iPhone 11 Pro because they think the iPhone 12‘s isn’t gonna come out this year but little do they know the new iPhones are coming out literally next week October 13, 2020

  4. hi im ada

    im really hoping for a new iphone i don't care if it is like 7 or 8 or what because i've been using my 16gb iphone 5s for 3 years and it✨is✨super✨laggy✨. And i kept on watching unboxing videos like what is wrong with me HAHAHA btw please pray for me :>

  5. Blasian Qindynasty

    I got rid of my iPhone 11 just to get iPhone 11 Pro 😊 because for one I don’t like how the iPhone 11 screen is, 2nd it feel like it’ll break easy, 3rd I don’t like aluminum around the phone. And I like my iPhone 11 Pro to be stainless steal, with a better glass back, and have 3 camera which I always use, and it also reminds me of the iPhone X I had 3 years ago because it was a 5.8inch display and I like my phone smaller than bigger. And to be honest I wouldn’t even go for the max because my iPhone 11 Pro has basically the same thing as the max.

  6. daunte

    im saving up for the 12 since my parents are allowing me to but i heard that its going to be boxy like the 5 and i dont like that at all since that was 2013 and this is 2020. let's move on apple 😭😭 and i heard no charger… and i dont want to spend extra money so they can get more money from us. so maybe the 11 pro max in gold instead? do you like your phone? im switching from android

  7. Certified Kings

    I'm getting the pro max next week I would've waited for the 12 but I'm switching from Android and I'm hearing there's no charger in the box and I'm not gonna spend more money on a phone that doesn't even come with a charger

  8. Mont. Manii

    I got the 11 , the pro and the max is all the same as the 11 the camera quality is exactly the same the 3rd camera just makes it zoom more which I don’t need 🤣 ain’t nobody getting in my pictures but me

  9. milk

    The iPhone 12 is about to release. You didn't want that one? I wanted this one as my first iPhone but I decided to wait. Also, your son is adorable. xD

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