BUYING THE IPHONE XS MAX!!! | *i'm broke now*

in today’s video, i BOUGHT THE IPHONE XS MAX!!! i’m officially broke…. nah jkjk, not even close to that. but i vlogged my experience of buying the new iphone and all the mess that follows it such as cases, screen protectors, billing, cost and etc. i really hope you all enjoyed todays video, and i will see you all on sunday. 🙂

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Name: Erika Michelle
Age: 18
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T7i and a Canon G7X Mark II
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic (Ecuadorian)
What university do you go to? North Carolina State University
What year are you in? Freshman in college

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the music used in this video is not mine, it belongs to the rightful owners.

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  1. daunte

    anyone else mad she didn’t get a clear case for such a pretty color😭😭 anyways… congrats on the new phone!!!🥺🥺 loved the video🥰🥰😁😁

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