Camera Comparison: iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10+

Earlier this week, we asked our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to look at some photos taken with the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung’s new flagship device, and tell us which photos they liked best.

There was a catch, though. We didn’t tell them which smartphone took which photo, allowing us to aggregate some unbiased opinions on the quality of the images from each device. Today, we’re revealing which photos came from which phone and sharing the results we gathered.

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36 Replies to “Camera Comparison: iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10+”

  1. Kevin Davis

    I use both iOS and Android, and I have both phones. I prefer the S10+, but they're both great too me.
    I don't really have complaints when using either one.

  2. Roly Esparcia

    i prefer iphone to s10. skin tones on the iphone is great.. the s10 is overexposed. though s10s photos are good SOOC, i still think the iphone gives you room for editing.

  3. David Stallone

    I like how the Apple need to pay money to this people who make videos like that ….. S10+ its 100 years ahead from the iphone. Iphone its already on the 3th place behind huawei. Iphone with 64gb memory , slow ram, geting stuck in every moment, pictures are terrybl when you zoom them ….. Thats why apple buy displays from samsung 😀 😀 😀 funny…

  4. Andy Nguyen

    when it comes to Apple products, comparisons are meaningless, people buys Apple because they can afford it, and they pay for the brand, pretty much the same as fashion products, Gucci can sell garbage bags for thousands of dollars for example.

  5. Adam Rhodes

    I’m disappointed in the s10+ I was expecting bigger gains over the iPhone like how the p20 Pro was a game changer in camera quality, I’m now expecting big things with the p30 pro

  6. Aniv Khawaunju

    I think in terms of portraits, low light, wide angle, action video, s10 is better. Not sure why every thing was ever exposed you can control that in the phone. S10 also has pro mode and it has super slow motion as well. 2 front cameras for better portrait photos. Looks like iPhone does haveslightly better dynamic range but if you're shooting and editing in raw it shouldn't be that big a difference . But are great cameras, but that wide angle lens is the best thing ever and for that I could never pick the iPhone in this comparison.

  7. Billy Bob

    The results were surprising, I've always heard people say iPhone is true to life, yet everything was way too cool on the temperature scale. Also, I see people say overexposure on the s10 yet there really isn't any. I'd love someone to comment a timeframe so I can go back over and see the same thing. S10 easily pulled the win as I prefer photos to not destroy my eyes being pure blue all the time. Hdr was close between the two but the iPhone won on the backlit portrait shot.

  8. Fernando Jesuino

    I would like to know more about pictures of people/animals on the move. I remember that the S7 did not leave my daughter's hands static while capturing her, causing those blurred hands. Already on the iPhone 8 or XR I can easily do. How is the performance of Samsung in this question today? Child and dog are never stopped for photos 🙂

  9. SOA O.

    Youre definetly an IPHONE user, like "B" which is samsung take the most natural amazing shoots and youre telling me that they arent accurate? Eeven against the sun kight the pictures be amazing. So try again, with a none apple user maybe someone who doesnt even used a galaxy before or an iphone before and then come and talk to me.

  10. Polter Delgado

    Still team iPhone. I really don’t like the fake colors on photos and videos of any android phone. And also it’s easier to edit photos that just looks raw (and that’s what the iPhones have always produced).

  11. Lassaad Ben Cheikh

    I went for Camera B all the way except for the portrait photo where camera A took a better pic of the face details.
    Since I didn't take the pics myself I couldn't judge on the fidelity of the colors to real life.
    With that said I have an S10+ for a couple of days now and I didn't see an issue with the colors so far. I admit I took a couple of photos during my skiing weekend dominated by white snow which can't be representative, probably a bit like this test

  12. Greg Terzian

    The XS Max has very aggressive default shadow/highlight processing to lighten dark areas and prevent overexposure in lighter areas of the image. Two things here: first, the XS Max images are over-processed in the camera. Look at some of the images of “A” and you’ll see the typical halo-effect around the edges of objects. This is the working radius of the shadow/highlight recovery algorithm, and it is just not very well done. Second, the noted deficiencies with the Samsung phone can very easily be eliminated with in-camera settings. I do not own an XS Max so I don’t know if there’s any way to reduce or remove that shadow/highlight recovery effect. If there’s no adjustment for that available to the user, that would be really bad, though I bet third party camera apps could take care of it.

  13. Oscar Estrella

    I remember when iphone use to be the future, now is staying behind, you isheeps have to update your life, especialy for those who still think android phones lag, you guys are so limited, but your pride keeps you from the truth, and the truth is you are getting it from behind by apple.

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