Camera review: Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra (vs. Galaxy S20 Ultra)

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is Samsung’s greatest smartphone yet. Join us as we take a deep dive to learn how well its cameras perform and how it compares to the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Camera specs
0:56 – Testing AF in close range
1:27 – Main camera DAYLIGHT performance
1:57 – Ultra-wide camera daylight performance
2:18 – 5x telephoto camera daylight performance
2:44 – Main camera LOW-LIGHT performance
3:12 – Ultra-wide camera low-light performance
3:27 – 5x telephoto camera low-light performance
4:21 – Portrait photos (main camera)
4:50 – Selfie camera
5:11 – Video recording
5:42 – 8K video
6:01 – 4K video
6:37 – Video stabilization test
7:04 – Conclusion

29 Replies to “Camera review: Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra (vs. Galaxy S20 Ultra)”

  1. Mridu Naturals

    Is it good enough to record video for YouTube. I have this mobile and use it for my videos. was thinking to buy a camera but was confused as this phone camera is good enough. Thank you.

  2. ColoradoNailGirl

    You briefly mentioned that the phone can't do macro shots but it's not just macro, it's any shot of a subject that's somewhat close, even zoomed in on an object that is a foot away, the pics still have extremely blurry edges. I'm beyond unimpressed that I can't even take a clear photo of a recipe card from a friend. The edges are blurry. Can you touch on that? I used to be able to take a photo of an old photo to post to my memories page, but it can't even do that without blurry edges. Any suggestions? Can I trick it into not having a fishbowl effect?

  3. Hung Trinh

    look at the camera pop out to wait for scratch on the glass .
    and what can you do if the glass have scratches on it … all pictures will have scratches on it .
    I will not waste my money for this product .

  4. Arm Akhtaruzzaman

    We all absolutely hate Samsung. Nowadays, in order to survive in the competitive market
    with Xiaomi, Realme, and Oppo, Samsung is giving very negligible quality hardware on budget and mid-range phones.
    In addition to the flagship phones, the processor is also different. They are giving good processors
    in their own country and in other countries they are giving their own bad, weak Exynos processors.
    Because of their contradictions, we should be united around the world and refrain from buying all kinds of
    phones made by them as long as they keep themselves away from this contradictory behavior.

  5. Franny P.

    I actually see no valid reason to upgrade to Note20 Ultra cuz first of all the variant that they have released here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 is the Exynos non-5G variant with only 8GB of RAM compare that to my current daily driver Galaxy Note10+ 12GB RAM which is basically the same phone as Note20 Ultra minus the 108mp camera and some S-Pen gimmicks that they added such as air actions, text straightening and that 9ms latency which I do not really see any practical benefits. Have Samsung here in the Philippines released the 5G model with 12GB RAM as factory unlocked I would've reconsidered but now I am so much happier with my Note10+ and instead of getting a Note20 Ultra I have decided to just use the money to replace my iPad Pro 2018 with a Tab S7+ for right now it is if not the Perfect Android Tablet in existence. So for people who own Note10+ and planning to get Note20 Ultra just save that money of yours for something better or get something else such as a Tab S7+. That way you save yourself some money for getting basically the same phone but with very minimal changes.

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