Can Huawei's new OS fight the US Ban?

Huawei Responds to the US ban / blacklisting with the new Huawei OS / Hongmeng OS / Oak OS / Ark OS – Here’s what you need to know!

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33 Replies to “Can Huawei's new OS fight the US Ban?”

  1. Tonygan Free

    I think AOSP should be de-owned by Google, and send the rights to a neutral company. Then, leave Google a piece of the cake.

    Chrome OS could be the name of the Android-based OEM-OS for their future general devices (imo, the names could be Chromephone, Chromepad, Chromebook, Chromecar, Chrometop and Chromecast).

    All like Amazon did with Kindle Fire, and just like Huawei's doing now. Security measures can be done individually per OEM.

    All of this frequently seen in Linux distros.

    THIS…is decentralization! Each company should earn their customers with bare hands (metaphorically).

  2. nichodo

    What i would want say to Google is that competition is good. i mean Google and Apple has a strong hold on the Smartphone OS market and i think it's time we need a new OS.

  3. Bruh Buddy

    Honestly I hate most YouTubers ,I am that guy that tries to give feedback but I get called out for hating ,but you are quite a Good YouTuber ,and also MKBHD.

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