Cat S60, 6 Month Ownership Review : Flawed ?

In this one, we are reviewing the Cat S60 after 6 months of ownership? is it flawed?

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27 Replies to “Cat S60, 6 Month Ownership Review : Flawed ?”

  1. Johnny5

    I tried really hard to love this phone but, NEVER again will I buy a Cat phone.

    The same thing happened to my S60 speaker grille at 8 months. Cat were willing to fix it under warranty but they want me to courier it out. It doesn't occur to them that I NEED my phone and can't simply send it away for a month or two. I got a buddy to 3D print me a new grille if you search "Cat_S60_grille_v7" you will get the 3D model and do it yourself.

    Also, the camera sucks its a software issue. Download Camera FV-5 app. If Cat had bothered to update Android they could have easily programmed a work around. Which brings me to the biggest flaw with this phone: Youre STUCK with android 6.0.1 there never will be any updates. Im tempted to root the phone to install the latest Android, which Ive done with many other phones, but I fear I will loose control of the Flir camera as stock android doesn't support it.

  2. Unknown User

    Sonim phone is way more tough and more pro I had sonim since they came out they have great fast support easy tech and well built and tested btw wtf is that sound lol on 2:48 lots of ppl have problem with cat phone smh they used to be good not anymore that middle finger haha that had me laughing

  3. Adam Bransbury

    Had mine over a year it's fine droped thrown in after everything. Speaker cover peeled off but doesn't matter just rinses out. Software is slow though and camera's shit. Good phone that's survived my abuse and used flir to find pipes under floor in wall etc and find blockages. Good overall just needs snappier cpu better camera.

  4. Jack A.

    Be aware, Cat support is not available all the time and they will waste your time when you need them and you will need them. Got a Cat S60. A few weeks later the touch screen started being unresponsive from time to time. I have not down loaded games or crazy apps. I downloaded a Microsoft office and a GPS app for a service co, Called SC from (service Channel). so far spent about 3-4 hours on Chat with support, no fix yet. don't forget all frustration and the time that I have had to spend on just trying to get to my contacts or text someone….don't buy one.

  5. gellert jancso

    Same here ,cat changed 3 phones in 6 months ,first… water damage(ip68 certification is a joke) speaker cover lost in my poket and the power button failed ,second… speaker cover damaged no bluetooth more than 5 min power button not working after a few days ,third… first day when o got it from cat sold it…

  6. voodo 8

    For me, this has been the only phone that has survived me, Samsung, IPhone, Sony, ive had them all and spent lots of money on repairs of screens, cases ect, i purchased a CAT S60 and 8 months ago and still going strong, perfect phone for builders, yes, it doesn't have the calos fandango super all singing all dancing camera and software ect ect, but this S60 survived a 5 story drop down a lift shaft with only a scrape and knock on the casing, i have already saved money, any of the for mentioned phones would have needed at least a £200. repair after that drop.

  7. fbone1965

    It was a disapointment to have a few issues with it as new:
    – Fell off twice from my hands and lost sensivity of touch screen, went to repair came the same way!
    – No Android updates;
    – Serious issue with bluetooth module (Android 6.0.1), does not sync with most of the car's sytems. Went back to use my old Galaxy when driving;
    – Microphone cover peels off
    A sh…..t for the cost of it!!



  9. philosophicalphil

    Had mine lose the speaker grill but contacted Cat customer service and they sent 2 replacements and sent my phone back previously to reattach the charge cover….. Not too much of an issue as both repairs were free. And otherwise phone has withstanded so much abuse that a normal phone would likely have broken. I will be getting the s61

  10. rodrigo melendez

    Hi pal… I have a few questions…
    recently, my S60 speaker mesh is practicly 'desintegrating' by itself, (I hate to say it, but it´s true):
    fall off, and I wonder if I take off the remaining mesh and clean the glue, will affect the waterproofness or not…
    Have do u tested the S60 without mesh in 2M switch and 5M switch? How it works?

    I think the mesh works just for dust… am I right?

    Thanks for any info.


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