CAT S60 – A indestructible Smartphone with a Thermal Imaging Camera [4K]

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The British company Bullitt yesterday announced its new Cat S60 rugged smartphone, the world’s first to feature a built-in thermal imaging camera. The product is essentially a fusion between Bullitt’s Cat smartphones and FLIR’s thermal camera technology.

The phone has a 4.7-inch, super bright, 720p, Gorilla Glass screen and is rugged enough to survive drops from 1.8 meters (~5.9 feet) and swims to depths of 5 meters (~16.4 feet) for an hour.

On the back of the phone, you’ll find 2 different camera modules: one is a standard 13-megapixel camera that shoots ordinary photos, and the other is a special FLIR-made thermal camera that provides a heat view of the world around you.

44 Replies to “CAT S60 – A indestructible Smartphone with a Thermal Imaging Camera [4K]”

  1. Richard Mowat

    Hands down the best phone i have ever owned. Wont break, wont quit, and wont disappoint. The only thing this phone needs is an app to allow you to use the phone in 3d goggles in order to have thermal vision you can ware.

  2. Javier K-Fighter.

    Do not buy this phone, I got one and had to send it for repairs 3 months after, it was replaced and the second one is coming apart in pieces and the repair cost for a cosmetic job is the same price of a new phone. The camera is terribly bad and the thermal imaging camera is really really slow. Don't waste your money, there are way better options out there. Cheers !

  3. Tyler BullHeart

    "They make radios and some other cool stuff probably". Uh, how about big rigs. And you know, big ass dump trucks that is bigger than a house? You know. Some other cool stuff probably.

  4. rimantas venclovas

    Had CAT S60, camera is bad, Dropped into a water on holiday time 1000 miles away and find it dead cause crack in a frame, had to open it to disconnect batteries and drie it out, ( that was my navigation device for traveling too), finally manage to save my pictures and very important data, also phone was alive again except proximity sensor. Sent to repair under warranty when returned home, unfortunatelly CAT REFUSED WARRANTY REPAIR cause was oppened.Tried to save phone and data- and they blaming me for that! DONT BUY CAT! I never had it dropped from higher than a pocket, and is broken, drowned, 1.8m drop test is bulshit ! If you need thermal imaging you can buy it additional to your phone from Flirr..

  5. aydan

    Whos this for? Burglars? Just walk around the house with your thermal camera and see if anyone home… oh that and thermal selfies.. Great idea! smh ffs…

  6. whoz thatdude

    just buy a galaxy s7, an otter box case and a flir one module for thermal capability s7 is waterproof certified too and has better specs all those together might be about the same price since the s8 came out the s7 has dropped in price quite a bit $499 for just the s7 flir one is a couple hundred. case for s7 $40 cat s60 is $620 ish but s7 has more carriers, (like verizon)better tech support because its more popular, and more powerful processing all for a bit of extra price
    also cat s60 wont be very waterproof at all if one of those parts (like sim card door loose its seal or opens)

  7. B-Bud

    Annoys me that pictures of this phone show the thermal camera as having a very noticeably better resolution than it actually does.

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