Cat S60 Dissasembly Teardown Lcd Screen Replacement !

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  1. Nuno Valverde

    Thanks for this one. Managed to go through the ordeal with a lot more confidence than just going blind on it. The process is somewhat straightforward, after you removed the plastic trim. And yes, the thing is built like a bunker but everything is quite accessible. Regarding if it remains waterproof (never had an issue and I swim a couple of times with it…), I resealed both the lcd and the plastic trim sides with a full seam of flexible high-strength glue. Should be OK but won´t test it deliberately. Again, thanks for the great tutorial here. Nice angle and everything is clear enough to follow.

  2. Peter Howell

    Use a second view camera when hands obscure first view camera ?..Otherwise neat . Thanks for taking the time to do that.

    Cat S60 Xmas 2017 wasted three months returning it for service to overheating battery [ 3 returns ] then phone was replaced without comment . last three months short battery life . two random system stoppages with unresponsive key sequencing. Only after long recharge AND reset does it return to service It's going back again for Xmas 2018 -this feels like firmware/software conflict.. The FLIR camera is so so, great dual sim operation.

  3. 0hypnotoad0

    Argh, my S60 got run over by a 12 tonne Genie Lift. Surprised the only thing that got obliterated was the screen, but honestly with shipping times to service centers this seems like sort of a "fix it yourself" type of thing.

  4. Argos Vigia

    Que grande amigo!!! Cometí el error de mojarlo con agua caliente y el vapor hizo que entrara agua!!! Me apareció un aviso de ingreso de agua, comenzaron a aparecer errores los botones funcionaban pero el sensor táctil no. Luego se apagó. Cuando llegué a casa, ya dándole por perdido, seguir tú tutorial y lo seque con secador de pelo. A mitad del secado se encendió sólo!!! Seguí secando hasta que anduvo el sensor táctil. Y comencé con los ciclos de secado!!! Gracias por tu vídeo!!! Me has salvado!!!!

  5. Diogo Biasetto

    Pior celular q existe ,um verdadeiro lixo , uma bosta , já tive s30 aguentou mais , agora s60 lixo, esquenta , trava , péssimo de sinal , quebrou a tela no segundo tombo

  6. Marcelo Dentone

    Té felicitó!!!!! Eres un genio!!!!
    Me fascina ése modelo de celular y pensé que no lograrias armarlo.
    Un trabajo muy difícil y delicado.
    Cordiales saludos desde Uruguay

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