CAT S60 Review

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The tough smartphone has evolved and the S60 is a stunning example of what is possible and desired by today’s users.

Going beyond simple IP and MIL spec ratings the S60 has specially selected apps, an SOS button and programmable key to name just a few of the tools built into this stylish smartphone.

Of course the camera powered by FLIR is what stands out amongst the other rugged handsets, and wow what a feature this is. From a builder to an engineer to emergency services to technicians the use case scenarios for this are limitless.

With the S60 you have a powerful computing companion that sits in the pocket.

Is it all positive with the S60 or are there areas for improvement?

Watch to find out or read our fuller and more detailed written review:

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27 Replies to “CAT S60 Review”

  1. Vipercrest

    i have had this pice off slow shit whit a old android operating sys.. 2m fall secureti…BULL shit…speaker gave 2 weks in the work brand new… cat has cool features but NO work aplikasjons …And that was its fucking serlling point. im a worker and im a fool who byed a 800 dollar pice off advertasing shit…i just realaised that when ewer i by a smart pfone for work or private,,, im paying for my own shitti plutti barfy advert pop ups. i realesed im simpel…so no more "smart" phones. AND no more Gillette to:)

  2. ManikMekanik

    I bought one, didn't care for the navigation on it and the video/audio is sub par, very distorted sound recording at concert levels, my daughters Samsung S8 does a great job at high SPL with better video quality

  3. Timothy Maher-Smith

    As a pool guy whos been through 8 different phones in 2 years; its my final buy. Had it for 2 months now and it. is. nice… If you have a reason to need a rugged phone that just works in every way then get this asap.

  4. Jirr bal

    I kill my cat s60 at sand beach,main button look like stuck,dont mooved,and stay push on position,phone was locked 5m panels on,and all security flaps was close propely,I wash at water,start flash funny,android start on and black screen again android start and black screen,its hundred times, button not reacted,at my pocket try alone on ,cant switch of this ,main camera look like condenstation ,its water damege rugged phone:DDDD
    I got this phone 9mth from new and very disappointed,use this stuff for work Im smart repair enginer big car dealership Hendy Uk ,lost lots data,psc and lose money

  5. StopaskingformynameYouTube

    If they make an updated version in the future with a better processor, i WILL buy one.
    I'm not going to go from an s8+ down to this when my phone eventually die, but i will switch to a better version of the s60!
    The flir camera has so many good use-cases for me, i can diagnose electronics more easily, i can use it to optimise airflow in the computers i build, i can use it to see when my shower is hot enough for entry..
    I can use it to check my temperature (obviously it's not going to be acurate but it would be fun to see)
    I can check when my coffe has gone from scolding hot to slightly burning before i put it to my mouth…

  6. Johnny5

    After living with my S60 for a couple of months I can tell you Its been great but has flaws.
    Pros: I use the FLIR camera almost daily in my building maintenance business. Programmable button (why doesn't every phone have this? Hint: stupid Bixby key). 14hr day battery life. Very distinctive looking it stands out from all the cookie-cutter thin phones. Sturdy: my first accidental drop was 8ft onto concrete and it bounced away unscathed. Great support from the manufacturer Bullit they got back to me within hours when I was troubleshooting.
    No carabiner attachment spot I would like to see this as I work on ladders and roofs alot and dont want to drop it on someones head.
    Stuck with Android 6.01 they have no intention of offering an update.
    Main camera is pretty terrible my 2008 Blackberry took better pictures the work-around is installing a 3rd party camera app which made it slightly better.
    Sd card support is flaky despite trying several different brand new cards it constantly ignores/rejects/reformats so I gave up and use internal memory only.

  7. Jack A.

    just purchased one. the touch screen went out and it is unresponsive. I don't do games or have too many apps. I have the Microsoft office tool and a GPS app for the service co of a customer.

  8. TheBozz2005

    It's all a lie be aware! I have this phone with few months I had to change it and my colleague changed it 3 times in one year. Outside and inside it's by far not as good as these paid people are bs-ing. The flir goes only up to 150°C so can't even check the stove or lighting temp!

  9. Nicolas Godressi

    But wait

    If your getting an CAT S60 just for it's a battery or"better armed" you must be an idiot. If highly recommend this phone ONLY for engineer not for other kind of people…. Still want a strong phone that can't break easily, get a strong cover…..

  10. Alejandro Oliva

    I sell CAT S60 Very little use! It serves for replacement, screen broken by a simple fall, I sell for not having spare parts and no official services or representative or cat phone gave me a solution


    runs hot, inferior camera, speaker grill falling off, usb port cover falling off. If you need repair you must send back and can take 30 days …. had for 9 months and having second thoughts …..

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