Cat S60 rugged phone with thermal camera – Demo

This 4.7 inch rugged smartphone from Cat includes a thermal camera. You’ll see a demo and hear about an interesting list of use-cases which include finding a lost cat!

5 meter waterproof (including camera usage.)
1.8m drop-tested. Dustproof.
Mil-STG, IP68, rugged, 4,7″, 720p
Flir thermal camera with multi spot metering and average temperature readings.
MSX technology adds CMOS detail to the thermal image.
13 mp camera
Coming in the summer 2016, 649 EUR

More information in our article here.

6 Replies to “Cat S60 rugged phone with thermal camera – Demo”

  1. A Headsup

    Still cheaper then the latest i phone or samsung but its the flir that gets me. Having been in a house fire i cant tell ytou the value of this, even if just for reflash alone. But throw in the pet finder esp if yur remote and your pet may have run off to chase a coyote and risk being ambushed by the pack this could def save your dogs life, find the cat in a tree or even just save yo0u from being surprised by your jokster this feature and now i must have. Shoot even to help check the heat or maybe even the hidden drip for auto. yeah man this is on my gotta get list for sure

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