Cat S60 rugged smartphone review USA

Cat S60 rugged smartphone with FLIR thermal imaging camera waterproof to five meters 16feet.

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  1. RAY NL

    Nice, a review fresh from the box. But are you still using it? I'm more interested in long term reviews at the moment. I read and saw some issues with the phone. I was wondering how the phone would be after months of (ab)use.

  2. Count Ravendark

    How is the mic quality and is it possible to connect an external mic? I want to know because i record concerts my last concert was from Kiss. Now use a voice recorder sometimes with external mic with amazing sound quality. But since Manchaster the security will be massive and it will be harder for mee to bring my voice recorder inside. Is it also possible to connect an external light?

  3. James Birkin

    good morning. what it like with signal ect compared to other phones you may of owned in the past. I thinking of buying one within the next few weeks. I have heard because of the metal around them there not that good on signal. but I would suggest each to there own and people location

  4. TheNub325

    I'm hard hearing so I was wondering when you are talking on the phone is it pretty loud? And is the speaker phone loud when you are using it?

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