Cat S61 Hands-On: Lasers Make Everything Better

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What do you do when your top smartphone already has epic durability, an air-quality sensor and a thermal camera? You add a frickin’ laser beam. I’m MrMobile and this is a quick look at the new flagship phone for the hard worker: the CAT S61!



MrMobile’s Cat S61 Hands-On was produced following an hour with a Cat S61 review device at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. Preproduction device running prerelease software. This video was sponsored by Audible.


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26 Replies to “Cat S61 Hands-On: Lasers Make Everything Better”

  1. Jairo Pinta

    Any reviews on the PTT feature?
    I work for the railroad as a master mechanic and when i go out in the woods i can't take my truck radio.
    Anybody knows if the ppt can be adapted to a 2 way radio?

  2. Sanoy Evasco

    I wish, Cat phone maker will make a unit that the thermal and the regular camera will put side by side. And the flasher and the laser light will be put on the top of it. Just like the face of a caterpilar worm.

  3. Benjamin Nelson

    What do you do when you're a plumber and you've been relying on a S6 that hates moisture, that also happened to have a catastrophic battery failure? You buy this ridiculous piece of hardware, dual sim of course (why would I want a separate personal phone with this bad boy in my pocket?)! I'll be putting it through its paces starting Wednesday, I'll try to pull another lurker update in the future with a real world update

  4. Matt James

    do not buy s61

    first time i used in water and it went blank
    contacted customer service and the respond below

    To resolve your problem, we would recommend that you place your phone for 24h in a bag of dry rice. The rice should drain the liquid and may solve your problem, then, open the SIM slot cover and press and hold for 5 seconds the Reset button

  5. Neil oppa

    I figured they would have put the laser rangefinder at the top of the phone. It's too bad it only works to 10 meters, 30m I think is minimum for usefulness. It's cool though, thanks for sharing!

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