Cat S61 Hands On: See Like The Predator

Read more: | The Cat S61 isn’t the best looking phone at MWC 2018, but it could beat the Galaxy S9 to a pulp and still look the same. With a FLIR thermal imaging camera and laser measurement system, this phone can do it all.

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37 Replies to “Cat S61 Hands On: See Like The Predator”

  1. Billy Darley

    i can see this phone being put to better use in the hands of someone who isnt a damn android authority geek. but anyone will be somewhat annoyed with the laggy chipset.

  2. Justice Forall

    I think this an ok phone. But I'm soooo tired of them saying, Oh, we will bring an update to this phone soon. Aaaaand… well, you never do. The concept is nice, but the software needs to be running the latest and greatest. Just saying.

  3. Gerry926

    The "hump" helps me hold it securely, in landscape mode. It really is a good phone for work and my clients really like thermal images and air quality screenshots attached to their invoices. It pays for itself, if you know what you're doing.

  4. Codeplayer

    It looks beautiful. Not some girly 99% screen ratio like all them ladies phones. It looks manly and tough but still sophisticated. And finally, some decent thickness. I really don't want a phone as thin as they are nowadays. They feel like ladies watches. And the top notch is excellent engineering, probably a good feature when you try to guide it inside your pocket. So its finally a practical one again. Tools to go. Smartphones have become too much like jewelry for stupid ppl. You carry around this square plate thats main feature is that itself looks good. Smart people like to have this multitool that does everything. And this one looks good too. Finally I found something good. I already was afraid that I am stuck to my htc 10 for good. Its like the old times when the first pocket pcs came. First HTC phones did not look very slim either, but were packed with sensors and functions. Even a good camera was a great feature back then. Thats what I like about it. That phone enchances a human being, giving one powers not just to talk so that they can be heard all over world, but also perception of thermal vision, distance measurement and air analysis. Popular flagship phones give ppl just more possibilities to waste time looking good. You pick yours. I 'll pick mine.

  5. antred11

    I actually think that is a pretty darn good looking phone. Not everyone finds the ultra-thin, fragile-piece-of-glass aesthetic to be the pinnacle of smartphone design.

  6. Doesn't Hurt Yet

    Shame the CPU couldnt be slightly beefier i have minor concerns with how age and 30gb of videos pictures and apps will affect its already not quite snappy performance but otherwise im buying one the moment they hit stores i need a new phone and id rather not buy an intermediate cheap phone

  7. Ciaran Gallagher

    I'm a Carpenter I've owned the S60 for 2 years now before that I had multiple now broken Samsung galaxy phones I even learnt how to replace the screens but nothing has broken on my cat S60 I love it and definitely will be buying the s61 the thermal camera has become very handy detecting underfloor heating to helping me find a lost dog I even helped find a lost girl trying to go for swim in the sea the dark

  8. Lord Ba'al

    This review is so bad. This phone is not for the average person. But he's reviewing it like it is.
    That hump is the flir camera. Which a flir camera alone, can cost a couple hundred.

  9. Tyler Chastain

    This is CAT's 5th or fourth generation of devices. You guys should really check out the other offerings. They have more than just tank phones like the s60. The s45 ran a 4k display and a 820 chipset or something like that. It's nice to see Android authority finally give cat some screen time. They make niche phones that aren't for the masses and have been doing it for years now. Even though they are primarily sold in Europe doesn't mean you can't review them guys!

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