CAT S61 Reasons to Buy

Buy the CAT S61 Sim Free:

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What does Sim Free/Unlocked mean?

Sim Free/Unlocked simply means that you buy the handset without a sim card, allowing you to use your existing Sim card in the phone.

Who are Unlocked Mobiles?

Over 10 years ago put together team of mobile industry experts who were united by three fundamental desires:

1 To provide handsets that inspire customers to do more with their tech
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3 To provide a fast, friendly service delivering the best deals worldwide

Are we any good?

We like to think so! was ranked in the recommended online retailers for Technology and Gadgets in The Independent Newspaper 2006. With UK and international secure shipping we’ll get your handset to you quickly and efficiently.

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10 Replies to “CAT S61 Reasons to Buy”

  1. Mark McArthy

    I own 60 & 61. Also i phone 8+. Different strokes for different folks but what I can identify is the bullshit comments trying to tear the Cat Phones down. Paid actors I suspect as Cat Phones WAY Outweigh ? & samsung in durability and lack of useless bigbrother apps watching

  2. Matt James

    do not buy s61

    first time i used in water and it went blank
    contacted customer service and the respond below

    To resolve your problem, we would recommend that you place your phone for 24h in a bag of dry rice. The rice should drain the liquid and may solve your problem, then, open the SIM slot cover and press and hold for 5 seconds the Reset button

  3. Rob Duncan

    While the fashionable people are drooling over 9+ or iphoneX etc , this is function over fashion . I will have to wait till my sony xz1 compact expires .

  4. krxxx

    Thanks for the infos. There is one mistake, the laser distance measurement is only up to 8 metres. Its visible on the back of the phone and also CAT announced it a few days ago on their website. Sad for those you want to use it in construction because before on rendered pictures of the phone it was 0-10 metres which is also not far. Bosch amateur distance measurement laser are supporting 20 metres an cost 50€. Maybe another cooperation would have been useful for them besides of FLIR

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