Cat S61 & S60 Comparison

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43 Replies to “Cat S61 & S60 Comparison”

  1. Mixa007Master

    Does the thermal imager work continuously for 30 minutes?

    Test it.

    Only on the charger, insert during testing.

    For one thing, show how it is visible in the imager during charging and video.

  2. Michael Lovely

    Disappointed with the s60. Went swimming and snorkeling with my first device and within minutes the device wouldn't turn on even though I made sure all the toggles were set to 5m. Got a replacement for free (paid for international shipping which wasn't cheap) and my second device the speaker grill just peeled off like it was stuck there using superglue. The pattern on the back started peeling off leaving a shiny plastic which eventually picked up scratches. Now 2 yrs later the device can barely hold a charge and there's ugly gaps which the speaker grill used to cover. I bought this phone hoping it would be stronger than the leading brand phones in the market but it appears to have a lifespan of only 2 years max.

  3. Ryan Robinson

    Went through 3 cat phones, each lasting 3 to 8 months and will never buy another. They were well taken care of and never dropped just randomly stoped working.

  4. Khaleel Mohammed

    I had the S60 when it first came out 2 years ago. I was extremely disappointed. This was not as rugged as advertised. A BIG FRIGGING RIP OFF IF YOU ASK ME. Firstly the ear speaker went, so I resorted to the loud speaker which reminds me this phone was not as LOUD as expected. Come on, it was supposed to be a construction phone. SMH. Then the port covers fell off, thank God for krazy glue, I had to keep on sticking them. Then the covering for the speaker to the front came off………..and the proverbial Straw that breaks the camels back was when it fell. The casing developed a crack leaving my 500 quid phone to become NO LONGER WATERPROOF. This was only realized after I washed the bastard and the screen started to go, eventually the Green Android Robot went Belly Up. And so ends my experiences with a CAT Phone. I leave you with 2 pieces of advice.
    1. for the Customer -Stay away from CAT Phones and
    2. for the Manufacturer -Stick to making Heavy Machinery

  5. chrish42085

    Appreciate the time you took to do this video. I've been waiting since the first one came out, for the reasons you e mentioned. They work out the bugs, then make an improvement on the next. I'm this is the one

  6. SD78

    Marshmellow system on the S60 has chronic wifi power draw issues which can drain a full battery charge in under 8 hours.

    The mesh across the mic and speaker peeled off after a few months.

  7. Poksutin

    i would like to have s61 but the price is way out of my range so ill just keep my s60 till it blows and buy normal phone and external flir attachment.

  8. Cutz Technologies

    If you are from Malaysia ans you would like to get this CAT Phones, you can directly contact Cutz Technologies at 1700-81-7531 or whatsapp at 018-222 5518.


  9. Wild B

    I've been through 2 S60s in less than 1.5 years. The first one was damaged when I tested it's waterproofing in an aquarium. The second that I have only had for about 9 months just decided to turn off with no way to turn it on. Doesn't respond to charging (wasn't low when it turned off) , can't even do a hard reset. The thermal camera is very important for my line of work. I hope the S61 lasts longer than the other two CAT phones I've had because this is becoming a very costly piece of equipment but I also need a phone..

  10. Ahmed Fraidoon

    S60 after 2 years of abuse: the mesh and charging port lid fell off, the carbon fiber texture is flaking away and OS became slow and sluggish (fixed by factory reset). it's still going strong. outlasted any other smart phone i owned since the galaxy S2.

  11. Tbonyandsteak

    S60 Perfect phone when you are in the building branch.
    Had it over a year now.
    Have no issues with it, helped a lot.
    The only thing that is annoying are the commercials besides the apps.
    Have absolutely no need for them.
    But many apps have that today,

  12. Mr Skeleton

    For the past 2 years I've owned a CAT S50 and recently I upgraded to a CAT S60. Do I think it's a premium phone? – Yea. Does it fit in a crowd? – Well, kind of. Does the durability stand up the hype? – Heck yea! I work as a mechanics assistant, and I usually get the dirtiest kinds of jobs, so my phone tends to suffer. Haven't experienced most of the problems I read on reviews. The speaker mesh looks a bit worn (dented a bit), but aside from that, it's a decent phone. Considering I went through 2 Nokia's , 3 Samsung's and whole bunch of Chinese phones (Prestigio, Just5..) in less than 3 years makes me think that for what I need it – it's fine. Everyone has a different experience, I guess.

    At least it doesn't give you a heart attack, the moment you drop it.
    You're more likely to find a hole in the floor, than a crack on the screen. <3

  13. mario jorge

    Never again do I want a CAT mobile phone I bought an S30 that in the videos a car passes over and the tire falls within 50 centimeters of the stone floor and pops the whole screen

  14. Teo S.

    A trash. I bought a s60 cat. Get the water in it. I have difficulty changing it even though it was a guarantee. I got a new one. And it was defective. the water comes into it. Phone trunk. Throw money out the window.

  15. Daniel Homant

    Looking at the comments on here and elsewhere, it seems that those of us that are in constant harsh environments, emergency services, industrial and trade skills, have fewer issues with the S60 than regular people do. I am a trucker/mechanic and my phone has been dropped off buildings onto concrete, tools smack the screen, water, oil, solvents, vibration and shock. I even use it as a hammer if there is no other alternative. My nephews love it when I turn the video recording on and toss it in the pool for them to grab. After all this, my phone looks like it was a dogs chew toy, but physically is completely intact. About once every week or two I take it in the shower with me and just leave it on the bottom, then give it a good rinsing scrub in the sink after and have not once had a water intrusion warning. All the flappy ports are fully intact, even the USB. The speaker screen, CAT lettering on the back are both gone, but those are merely cosmetic and don't affect the function. I even still have the original screen cover on there and if it collects too much debris behind it, I just gently peel it off, rinse the debris from the stickum and put it back on without issue. My phone is not just a phone, it is a tool, and a dang good one too. I don't know if people got scammed and ended up with knockoffs that aren't the real thing (DON'T BUY THEM AT LESS THEN FULL PRICE FROM A NON-OFFICIAL PRODUCT DEALER!) or there were production issues or what. Mine, and those of many other people that the phone is also a tool, have found it to be superb. It has only one issue, and that is the thermal shutter keeps cycling even after the app is closed and the app will randomly start itself after I start it until I turn the phone on and off. This is an annoying issue to me since I use it regularly to check tire temperature.

  16. Colin Sanders

    I go thru phones like I do under wear. Never had any issues with. I use it for diving and work ( electrician). Worked flawlessly. Thermal imaging had helped me with many issues

  17. w s l

    i have the s60 its sitting in a drawer because the phone stopped working literally one week after the one year warranty was up and yes im in the us the service here sucks if you need to make a claim you have to mail the phone and they mail it back so 3-4 weeks without a phone unacceptable

  18. Qing Sun

    My S60 has so much issues. Battery can not be charged very often, and you have to reboot the mobile with pushing the tinny button at back. And the blue tooth switched on by itself very often, even you switch it off manually many times.
    The battery power drop off quickly

  19. Bo Tingsten

    @Clove Technology: Where did you get the info on the resolution of the thermal device in the S61? You say the resolution has been doubled vs the thermal device in the S60. In the manual for the S61 (p 45) it says the resolution for the thermal camera device is 80×60, exactly the same as for the S60. So where is the doubling?

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