Cat S61 Smartphone – Hands On Review

The Cat S61 is not your usual smartphone. Built to last with a tough body and IP68 water resistance, it has a Flir thermal imaging camera, an air quality sensor, and even a laser distance measure. It’s for people who need their phone to do way more than take pictures, browse social media, and make calls. We’ve tried it out.



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29 Replies to “Cat S61 Smartphone – Hands On Review”

  1. DingleZilla

    Had a CAT S60, then went to Samsung and my next phone will be a CAT S61.

    I don't like claims of "tough phone or/unbreakable" because it is not the drop from height that damages the phone but how it lands (usually screen down). The so called Gorilla glass is in my experience of smart phones over the last five years misleading. It breaks as easily as glass breaks and believe me I have broken a lot of screens during my work.

    All that being said, they are better than the standard phones available and as such I will be going back to CAT.

  2. e501p

    Next time please have a marching band pass by your table to finish the video. That background noise is ridiculously annoying.

  3. José Correia

    I just bought a S61 and it's all false, until the battery is quite weak, if it is done a little use that is the battery can not stand ne 17 hours, weak mobile phone, do not buy !!!!

  4. José Correia

    Authentic falsity, the measuring laser does not measure correctly, the temperature sensor being 0 degrees says that we are with 18,

    the battery neither a hard day I have to charge twice, very bad mobile phone.

  5. Billy Darley

    far better review of this phone than the dumb asses at android authority. fuckin geeks wouldnt know what to do with a hammer if you hit them with it.

  6. Cutz Technologies

    If you are from Malaysia ans you would like to get this CAT Phones, you can directly contact Cutz Technologies at 1700-81-7531 or whatsapp at 018-222 5518.



  7. Scoganz

    I bought this phone about 4 weeks ago, it's very impressive. The battery lasts a whole week for me. The only I wish it had was wifi phone calling. Good video.

  8. X-Dex

    i love how the air quality was unhealthy where he was. Honestly that feature could be kinda useful for anyone and could make you open a window hahaha

  9. John Snow

    I was thinking about buying this phone from Amazon. But I noticed Amazon listed only a one year warranty but Cats website indicated at 2 yr warranty from the date of purchase. So I called Cat. What a joke, their website says 2 yr warrant for the S61 where you push the button to buy but shows only a one year warrant at the bottom. I spoke to the a service rep who said it was a mistake and said Cat offers only a 1 year warranty but allows the consumer to extend for another year at a cost that he was unable to provide me. Sounds like they do not know what they are doing. I would love to have this phone but with all the service issues I am hearing, I am stuck with getting an S9.

  10. Jack A.

    buyer beware: I have a S60, the touch screen went out in the second week of the purchased. I know this video is about S61 but these are the same people. The manufacturer wanted me to sent it in for service, their nearest location that takes care of their warranty is conveniently far away form population centers. I am on the West coast in California, and there are not around here. 2-3 day shipping and that is not covered under warranty. Since I work with my phone and get jobs though it, cannot be without the phone. So, I have not sent it in yet. I say all this to make the potential buyer think twice and consider the time it take them to take care of the warranty and why a 2 week old phone would have this issue. Being a technician myself, I noticed if I squeeze the phone on the top right and kind of twist it, the touch screen comes back and works sometime for a few day even. and then I have to redo this every time it goes out. Don't get me wrong, I like the functions this phones has that is why I purchased it. I have a thermal Camera for work it is one of the best, Flir T400. but every time I take it out I am nervous about it being stolen and it is an extra box to carry. first I cursed Flir for selling me the Camera for over 10K a few year back. then I purchased the S60. So I don't think that S60 is well put together. Having a top of the line flir Camera at the time of purchase, I can tell you that Flir thermal cameras also are very slow in focusing and I see the same thing being true in the cat s60 phone a very slow focus. I have lost moments which I would have like to captured with the cameras while it is was twiddling in focus not focus, focus not focus mode. There are a few other complains on the net about this phone I agree with all of them. I have had to glue back the bottom speaker cover that comes off, and it is not easy to do, since glue does not stick to it well, I used a work microscope and picking instrument to glue the speaker cover back on and it took a while. it has a very basic software: lets say you have about 10-20 apps open and you want to close them all, well there is no short cut to close all apps as every phone these day have it. you would have to close each app by tapping it close. it is time consuming and frustrating…. I can go on and on… good luck.

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