CAT S61: Thermal Camera Nighttime Test

The CAT S61 has a built in Flir thermal camera. But how good is it exactly? Let’s see how it performs at night.

Cat claims the thermal resolution is 120×160 but the manual states that it is only 80×60. Which is it? You be the judge?

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  1. Alex Flockhart

    I had previously been looking for more specific information in the first couple months after the phones release, never finding anything about the thermal sensor revolution. CAT kept boasting an upgrade "from SD to HD", and never got back to an email I sent regarding the resolution. I'm an apprentice industrial electrician and this would have been a really handy tool on the job, but I will never trust a company that advertises something and then tells white lies when they are embarrassed about the product. 80×60 is not HD. I would buy the phoneand even pay more if it was 160×120

  2. Azamat Bagatov

    Does anyone know is the S61 waterproof with openend seal on the 3.5mm on the headphones or openend seal on the USB Port? If i deconnect Headphones or Cable it only complains to close the seals because of dust!

  3. Gerry926

    CAT emailed me yesterday and confirmed through their tech dept, the resolution is 80×60 and apologized for any misunderstanding.
    The good news is, they said the normal camera can be improved via software update and they are looking into it.
    I've been taking it to the gym and on various home improvement jobs. As a contractor, it gives a good Android experience for a rugged phone. The laser is nice but simply can't replace a tape. I use it like this…after I measure the room with a tape, I'll check it with the laser and if correct, I take measured pics and figure things out later. I thought the air quality sensor was pointless… until it went off in my bedroom last night, prompting me to open a window and it got better. Still looking into that.
    Thermal is great, out here in the North east PA forest, where things actually do, go bump in the night..a lot. Clients are also impressed with thermal images attached to the invoice. The resolution is actually good enough for my work. It's nice to see into attics and crawl spaces, for animals and to track hot water pipes without going all the way in. No more passing a lighter in front of a newly installed window, to check the seal. It's the feature I use the most. I do this every day. This phone also has 40+ sensors, making it a more useful tool when paired with a physics toolbox app. It's not even counting the laser or flir. My Note 8 has 38 sensors.
    Most of my work crew have galaxy and iphones. ALL screens are shattered!
    Those buying the phone to play with it will be bored quickly and keep looking at their receipt, lol.
    For me, it's just a really well made phone that can survive my work day.. and I didn't have to order from China.
    I still keep the Note 8 in the truck with me for personal pics and for wifi media/ games. Phew!

  4. Zeke Rivanian

    After having mine for a week now, I've noticed a few negatives I didn't see in any (p)review. This doesn't have any Wi-Fi calling. Not a deal-breaker for most, but I found out the hard way on my second call (dropped). Also the programmable PTT button on the left side of the phone is pretty handy… if the feature you want to use is on it's program list. Thanks for adding on to your review.

    As few other notes in my own testing:
    The Thermal Camera is the biggest battery drain this phone has. According to my battery app, 17 minutes of use took 10% of my battery.
    I was able to detect heat sources at least 120 ft away in the nighttime.
    The air quality sensor takes longer than you would think to update and equalize.
    The laser tape measure gives very INACCURATE readings if used on a semi-gloss or glossy surface.
    Coming from the Galaxy lineup, the back button and recent window buttons are reversed (muscle memory is hard to break)

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