CAT S61 Warranty Replacement #2 [YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT CAME IN THE BOX!!]

For those of you who have been following my videos and experiences with the CAT S61, you’ll know that it hasn’t been a trouble free experience. But this is the final nail in the coffin for me. Having had to go through three different devices in 6 months is too much already, but what I received as a replacement unit is just too much. As it stands now, I absolutely can no longer recommend this phone to anyone, but those with the most open schedules and tolerance for being without their phone for a week or more at a time on a regular basis.

Stay tuned and you’ll see in my next video, what I replace this phone with.

19 Replies to “CAT S61 Warranty Replacement #2 [YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT CAME IN THE BOX!!]”

  1. SpectatingBystander

    OMG so basically I need my money back!

    My s61 rapid charge stopped working. Now it's says 9hrs charge slow charging. And the battery indicator needs recalibrating turning it off/on like it's my HTC 8 which only started that after 4yrs. CatS61 isn't even a year old and I've got battery issues wtf!

  2. Brent Morgan

    Cat sent me a single sim gsm only non sealed s61 broken speaker bunk air sniffer and I ordered a cdma/gsm thru best buy for 1200 bux last October been calling and emailing cat and bullitt for 3 months no response they piss me off too almost as much as Google deleting my 9 plus accounts with around 3.5 million USD in xrp btc ltc cad cny USD and others all because I lost my phone number that was 2 factored to make my money safer but hey I guess solving algorithms for the US military ibm and ripple labs 5 years ago means they can take it now it's worth something motherfukerover jones

  3. Mixa007Master

    You can check the continuous operation of the thermal imaging camera for 30 minutes, so that the battery does not discharge, turn on for charging.

    If possible, remove these 30 minutes of the smartphone to another camera, after the video, squeeze up to 1 minute and put on YouTube

  4. Ichipan x

    That´s crazy (in a bad way ?)
    Where is the problem to put at least a new glas protection on the phone, before send a (used, scratched and dented) device to an already annoyed customer????
    Standing in your shoes i wouldnt even consider to get a S62 (or any other cat phone, that is)
    So far, mine works perfect, although i have to admit that I´m super cautious when i plug in the usb c to charge the phone.

  5. Ger Brady

    Really sorry to hear your problems as this phone was exactly what I needed but not with that kind of back up… the features are amazing but at what cost.

  6. Zeke Rivanian

    You know I've been following you, and haven't had any problems with mine. This is really disappointing :- Thanks for documenting your struggles with them.

  7. B G

    Wow! Very good video. I am glad that you share your experience with us. Only this way CAT will notice their own mistake. Very informative video where you explained your situation well. I subscribed!

  8. Feliks Soe

    Hey. My S61 went under warranty to repair. 4 months old phone. The problem is charging the battery. I am from Norway. Let's see how the problem is solved.

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