CAT S61 Warranty Return and Replacement [CHARGING ISSUE FIXED??]

As many of you know, my CAT S61 suffered a serious charging issue that crippled it and made it impossible to use on a daily basis. So after a conversation with Cat Phones’ technical support, I was given an RMA number and a repair authorization.

I document the whole return/repair process from start to finish, show you if they did indeed solve my issue, highlight some concerns I have about future reliability and discuss Cat Phones’ extremely poor social media response.

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  1. SpectatingBystander

    My s61 rapid charge stopped working. Now it's says 9hrs charge slow charging. And the battery indicator needs recalibrating turning it off/on like it's my HTC 8 which only started that after 4yrs. CatS61 isn't even a year old and I've got battery issues wtf!

  2. Matt James

    Had s60 for 2 years no problems. Then I bought s61 first time use under water which is the swimming pool not even 1 feet deep phone start taking water . could not start. chat with tech center they told me out in a bag full of rice to take water out. What a joke , this should be water proof. its 8 months now and my battery suddenly death for no reason. if i take it out from charge it will die and keep reboot. will see what they going to say this time. I will not be buying CAT phones for sure

  3. O-Fis-Ansa cc

    I also having the same charging issue with it . They replaced it but I'm afraid to go and collect it because of the first one disappointed me. It didn't leave up to the expectations

  4. Dafydd Thomas

    hi I have sent my phone away twice for repair still not fixed maybe putting it public ally on your social media is the only way to get a competent person to fix my problem. battery issue on a s61 sent away for repair , came back with the microphone speaker broken , sent away again just received it back same problem phone broken . tired of being ignored , emails not answered and broken promises , have had problems since I bought the phone and the 24 month warranty doesn't offer cover you would expect perhaps legal action is the only way to get cat to competently resolve a problem ?

    • Jasper van Baars

      I had the exact same issue s as you, new phone s61 dec 2019, after few months battery charged up to 22% but not higher, sent phone replaced parts but within a week same issue. Replaced phone on warranty with a new one … within 3 weeks same issues again… CAT s61 is just super bad quality!

  5. José Correia

    Good, Krešo Bukvić I'm from Portugal, I also bought the S61, which error the battery is super weak, in 2 hours of operation disappears, very negative phone !!!

  6. Krešo Bukvić

    I had 3 CAT S60 replaced in warranty, first one melted while charging, second one ovverheated and stopped working, third stopped charging and died. Now my CAT S61 started dying on 50-60 % battery, charging all night and dies instantly when charger is removed. Im really dissapointed now!

  7. Alias D

    I've experienced the phone having issues with battery percentage. From 50% on down my phone might shut off and when I try to turn it back on, it states low battery after the main boot screen. When I plug it in, it will charge like it's out of battery, but if I turn it on while charging, it will say the battery is at a decent amount rather than 2% or 3%.

  8. Zul Izwan

    now im scared to buy the s61… i live in far away land… im hoping that this phone could last for 3-5 years for heavy work.. and i need the flir for work related.. to buy another smartphone with flir attachment is not very wise for my kind of work

  9. Andrew P

    I have had the Flir One, the Cat S60 and now the S61. The S60 screen broke after a fall and they sent me a brand new unit under warranty, awesome. I had a good experience with them .. they paid for the shipping too. I have had the S61 for about 3 months. My battery has suddenly dropped to 10-20% of the original capacity. Getting 1 hour of screen time instead of 9 or more now. The thermal imaging takes a lot of power as does the hotspot but they are both off. Just sent a request to CAT.. fingers crossed they have fixed the issue and send me a new one as I need a reliable unit for business that makes it through the day on a charge – not too much to ask!
    Not sure if it correlates to a software update.

  10. Gerry926

    Well, I'm glad it's working out for you, so far. My second one worked fine for a week and then wouldn't make calls or text. That's 2 hardware issues in a row. They should hook up with a serious phone maker and come out with a true, top notch product. They're soooo close to having something cool. But again, it has to be a functional phone first. Good video, again.

  11. نادیا نوری

    I’m unsure if CAT’s social media efforts are overseen by staffers from a temp agency, at times people who are doing a good job but are close to the end of their assignment shelf life prior to a “cut off or be onboarded” conditions from the Union minded nutcases inside their HQ.

    The resulting situation would play out like this:
    a good temp employee sees your post, responds on day 3 she, he or {insert over9000 thousand angry NPC spontaneous genders}, wasn’t hired due to an already established routine of bouncing them out, and replacing them w another temp, just like they do at Facebook.

    That’s right, other companies including fb does this including bouncing tempts they’ve never really intended on hiring after the staffer accepted a temp-to-hire full time bases, tech sector is typically ‘at will’ workplaces (which are Delaware LLCs)

  12. César Fernández

    Muy buen video.. Gracias por compartir los posibles problemas que puede traer este teléfono.. hace 15 días recibí el mio y estoy al pendiente de la bateria, consumo, tiempo de carga y tiempo de descarga.. procuro cargar al 100% la bateria y usarlo hasta que se apague antes de volver a cargarlo, solo estoy usando el cargador original (NO power banks).. procuro no mojarlo, no golpearlo.. trabajo en una central de generación de energía eléctrica en México y sus aplicaciones son muy positivas en este ramo.. espero no tener el problema que te sucedio y que tu teléfono siga funcionando como el primer día.. Saludos..

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