Check out the Z Fold 2's folding hinge

Samsung’s newest foldable device, the Z Fold 2 includes a new hinge mechanism that the company says is more durable than its predecessor.

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  1. Muyanzi Reid

    Microsoft Surface Duo is Better:
    1.) The Duo has Much more Screen than the Folds.
    2.) The Duo folds in more be positions than the Folds
    3.) Duo works with all the Surface Pens.
    4.) Duo has a more Durable and more Premium than the Folds.
    5.) The Duo is thinner and Lighter than the Folds.
    6.) The Duo is a Brand New Form factor instead of the Folds Boring Glass Slab look.
    7.) The Phone Mode is more Usable than Fold 2's Narrow front screen.
    8.) Duo is $600 less than the Folds.

    I would much rather pay for the Surface Duo than the Folds fragile plastic screen that damages if a Fingernail or Even Dust touches it πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  2. GirLTech5

    Well my Z flip is no more after 3 months no matter how i baby my phone. The screen just all of a sudden blurred out. Display is crashing for no reason. Not even once i dropped it. Loved my z flip but i guess they need more time and test to fully develop a good device that could last. My doubts with the fold 2 based on my experience.

  3. Andy

    For a "premium" device.. I expect "PREMIUM" features. A set storage without any expandable storage for a device meant for media consumption is incomprehensible for that price point. Why is samsung turning into Apple?

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