China to US: You’re lying about Huawei

Michele Greenstein reports for the News with Rick Sanchez on Washington’s continuing efforts to isolate and undermine Chinese telecomm giant Huawei. China insists that US motives have more to do with hurting Huawei’s business around the world than real cybersecurity fears.


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34 Replies to “China to US: You’re lying about Huawei”

  1. Lea Morales

    Desperate much, huh USA? Your desperation makes me think there's something more to the story other than decreasing competitions of US companies. ??

  2. Kim Jakab

    Isn't it weird that now when USA and its development is going backwards, the corrupt US government do anything to spread lies and false information like a bad loser. These warmongers put its own mation in shame in front of the rest of the world without understanding the consequences???!!!

    Why just not focus on its own problems and compete honestly according to the rules of the "land of the free"?

    In today's highly connected information society and in pace with the fact that many countries has increased their educational level rapidly while USA is going towards a 3rd world country, the US colonial philosophy doesn't work anymore. Every day we see more and more embarrassing acts of these retarded US corrupt politicians. Their grandchildren won't be proud I can tell right away here and now!

  3. Frostie-Flake

    Core 5G tech Huawei claims as their own was stolen from me including core basestation chip and operational software architecture! WTO Complaint and lawsuit coming-GOOD LUCK WITH TRADE DEAL!

  4. Robert Cook

    here we go again more china communist party sewerage when a person is caught out he or she is innocent in china if they are party members wink wink wank wank say no more LOL

  5. Jedi solo

    Lying is CCP second nature. To people with brain. There are lot of Fake comments and profile all over the internet from communist puppets. Never believe what China says but what China does. Ccp governs in a style of fake data, slogan, cheats investor. You get the essence of their faking patterns. You are a great man to talk about loudly which is not allowed anywhere else ccp are evil. China blocks youtube and foreign social media. People need VPN in China to watch this video. No international law authorizes China to block foreign social media, China blocks everything they want without any reason but giving advantages to their own companies and medias and blame other countries when they do the same. Many dictators sit at UN like China. It's a funny example of ignorance.

  6. fireball39279

    To China Huawei. The whole world knows the fucking US has been lying about Huawei since day one. The reason is simple, America can't compete with Huawei. Americans are too dumb to compete! So, the fucking US will do anything to stop and to destroy Huawei. That's American democracy all about. But, one day. The fucking DOG, America will have its day in hell. My next new phone in May will be a Huawei phone. Drop dead America!!!

  7. Voice of knowledge

    If the Chinese people weren't so stupid then they could stop their constant thievery of western technology. Sadly, there's never been even ONE Chinese genius like DaVinnci, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Bell, Edison,  Einstein, Telsa and a thousand others. The only gifts that the Chinese people have are lying and stealing.

  8. George Shop

    Rick, don't smile, because your cheap false teeth provided by russian dental plan, make me vomit, let's faced, you're a nothing, a Russian arss kisser. I couldn't imagine that you'll go SO low. I am not American, but sincerelly I feel like splitting you in the face if I will meet you.

  9. Gerard Bronsard

    GREENSTEIN might be right. Huawei's founder don't care to much about US restrictions. He's main concern is to continue his expansion elsewhere and, actually, he is right. Faster he will do, the better it's gone be. The momentum is favorising is taking, talking and doing. Gerry

  10. So Sova

    When we can't beat our competition, we beat our customers
    -United Airlines –
    When we can't compete with our competition, we make fakes news

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