Comparison: iPad Mini 2019 vs Huawei MediaPad M5 8

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In my newest tablet comparison the iPad Mini 2019 and the Huawei MediaPad M5 8 are competing with each other. Both are 8-inch premium tablets with a lot of interesting features. Well, one is running iOS and the other one Android. Which one do you prefer? For this video, I compared their screens, performance, battery life, cameras, and speakers.

I think the iPad Mini is better than the Huawei MediaPad M5 8. However, the later one is a great deal if you don’t want to spend much money.

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49 Replies to “Comparison: iPad Mini 2019 vs Huawei MediaPad M5 8”

  1. TheSnoopyclone

    The ipad will give you a longer mileage than the mediapad.

    The ipad is 399 and the mediapad is 329. If you look at the geek bench result, the ipad is nearly double the performance. For the mediapad to have the same result of the ipad, you'd have to pay double it's asking price of 329, which means it's worse to get the mediapad. If the ipad is to meet the same geek bench result as the mediapad, it'll cost you 200 for the ipad and 329 for the mediapad, which means the mediapad is garbage as you're paying 129 extra.

    This just illustrates why you're better of with the ipad. Seriously!

  2. martontamas1

    The new iPad mini is now in a performance class of its own. Where there once were a few Android tablets that came close to giving the iPad mini a run for its computing power, there are now none.

  3. alrafter

    I have just watched this on a UHD tv and the picture on the Huawei looks much sharper and colours brighter than the I Pad. One other point is it would help if you told us what sensors are in each tablet.

  4. liquidmojo

    It's sad that the year old Huawei Media Pad M5 8 is, probably the iPad mini's best hardware competitor. The Media Pad M3 and the iPad Mini 2 i own are starting to show their age and limitations. I found myself carrying the M3 around more often due to its more compact size but if I need anything from the iOS ecosystem I have to fall back to the mini. I like the fact that apple finally added apple pencil support, although it's the awkward charging first gen, it's better than no pen support at all. Thanks for this comparison!

  5. Gino Guillermo

    Hi May I ask what is the current and latest Android & EMUI version for this tablet? Is there now a full dark mode? Can you disable or uninstall those pesky Huawei 1st-party apps? What gestures navigations do you like using on this tablet? Cheers.

  6. Jmpaul26

    Super helpful review! I'm torn with getting the iPad Mini 5 because of the Apple tax, and on paper that M5 has more options to improve it, but Apple will always have developer support through the best apps.

    Curious to get your thoughts on the Mediapad M6 once it's available.

  7. Gino Guillermo

    Ever since doing this video could you please tell me the current Android OS and EMUI version of this tablet? Have you noticed any bugs to the OS? Or has the general performance, sound & battery life been pretty consistent?

  8. direction BANGKOK

    Can I plug the Huawei straight into my TV with the correct hdmi cable and watch whatever is on the tablet on my tv? My ipad could never do this without buying accessories and I was curious if this will do it. Thanks for the review!

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