[Comparison] Oppo Find 7 vs Find 7a Display comparison – 1440p vs 1080p

1440p or QHD is all the rage nowadays with the Find 7, the LG G3 and the Galaxy S5 LTE A version out. How does the Find 7’s display hold up against that of its closest competitor?


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18 Replies to “[Comparison] Oppo Find 7 vs Find 7a Display comparison – 1440p vs 1080p”

  1. Dawn Ripper

    1440P is not only useless but in some cases, can worse performance and
    with 1440P on a phone, the pixel density is so high that it's basically
    indistinguishable from lower pixel densities. 1 example of worse
    performance it can cause is, if you're a mobile gamer which I'm not, I
    have a high-end custom PC for that but if you are, you can actually get
    lag which can also happen even when not exactly, gaming but when doing
    moderate to extreme multitasking. Not only that but 1440P can
    actually cause a lower battery life which either means you have less
    time before your phones dies or your phone gets bigger to compensate,
    all for nothing.

  2. Antonela

    Thank you for the video.I couldn't really decide if the Find 7 or Find 7a is a better choice for me but after watching a few videos I think Find 7 is much better choice. 

  3. TheDearRecorded

    First, I was so sure to buy the Find 7 for all of it's awesome features but then I heard that the battery was really taking a hit from the QHD screen and even the difference in MaH of the battery still didn't help keep the Find 7 on for too long if you watched videos or do a lot of image based web browsing – do you know by now how accurate that info is?
    Then I decided, ok I'll just go in for the Find 7a, even though I'd have preferred a 32G version but then I read all these reviews saying that the 7a has a really visible yellow tint on it (but a few other users also said it's coming from the glue they use and it goes away) but I'm not too sure if this is just your eyes getting used to it.

    Any thoughts on any of these points is really appreciated. Thanks for your video! 🙂

  4. Khai

    friend great video you comparing the 7a and 7…..i love it but i will go to 7a much cheaper…hehehehehe~~~ overall nice video friend.

  5. Menty

    Very good video. I think you swayed me in to paying extra for the 7. Can you do a video on battery life between them as well perhaps? 

  6. Danny Winget

    My Find 7 panel actually has better whites. Compared to the first gen Find 7a though it is less "harsh" as you say. The White 7a I had closer whites to the 7 and it was a warmer panel. Good video though!

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