Connect Real Android Device with PHP MySQL WAMP on PC (Android Studio Programming for Beginners)

This is one of the most request Android tutorials for Beginners about how to connect real Android device with PHP MySQL using WAMP Server on PC (Windows 10). In this video, you will learn how to connect from your Android phone like Samsung, LG, OPPO, or Hauwei to test your real app to a PC with WAMP Server PHP MySQL installed.

Here is the link to the tutorial about Android PHP MySQL Login and Registration:

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17 Replies to “Connect Real Android Device with PHP MySQL WAMP on PC (Android Studio Programming for Beginners)”

  1. ダーブラDabra

    Hello to start excuse me for english i'm french
    So sorry for the inconvenience but can you explain to me how the login activity works. I did not understand very well I start on android studio

    thank you for your work your chanel help lot of people no matter the language !


    I connected my laptop and phone to same wifi and did all the changes you showed but still, it is not working. I am using windows 10, do I need to change any settings on the laptop?

  3. Ali Sampson

    is there also a way of connecting a real android device to PHP Mysql without connecting both devices to the same network?…If yes can help do a video on that..Thank you

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