Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Watch With These!

Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Watch With These!

Here is a different way to customize your Samsung Galaxy Watch! These Ringke bezels for the Galaxy Watch are beautiful!

Purchase Ringke Styling Bezels Here:
Rose Gold 42mm:
Silver 46mm:

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25 Replies to “Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Watch With These!”

  1. duke togo

    Maybe I'm stupid I can't find that watch face under mango any help? And great video .I found the one with heart rate at the bottom I'm curious about the one with 55 45 numbers

  2. Chua M T

    Yo Josh, what's your opinion on S3 FRONTIER in 2019 ? In on crazy sale nowadays and never had a smart watch before. I heard the latest TIZEN 4.0.2 update makes it similar to Galaxy Watch . Appreciate your expertise….cheers

  3. JB

    Nice video thanks! Do you have a link for the 1st watch face the Aurora auto? I can't seem to find it in the gear store. Thank you

  4. blondie jam

    I have the rose gold bevelled shiny bling one without the numbers. I've had it on now for over 3 months it looks really good I think it looks better than the original it also helps save the original bezel from getting scratched . Quick tip if you need to remove it use dental floss

  5. Kim Bridge

    nice i was expecting you to take the old ring off then put these on. still nice though. have you done a video on the new active, i was going to get the 42mm but the active looks good too. shame they got rid of the dial

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