Customizing the Galaxy S9 Plus – making it mine

Heavily requested video right here!
Check out my customization of my Galaxy S9+!

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Dat Wallpaper –
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T W E L V E for KWGT –
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Hurry Countdown –
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A closer look at where we get our wallpapers! –

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29 Replies to “Customizing the Galaxy S9 Plus – making it mine”

  1. Dionysus Fascinus

    Some awesome podcasts; 99% invisible (or 99pi), Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, oh no ross and carrie, science vs, stuff you should know, tell me something i don't know and what trump can teach us about con law.

  2. Dream Joe

    Can you make a tutorial on Kwgt pro widget . I can seem to add music and calendar since widget is small on 4×4 and can’t add apps since it takes up whole screen .

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