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In this third episode of D3Live I discuss a very talked about topic: iPhone 4 vs. Android. There are of course many Google Android phones such as the upcoming Motorola Droid 2, the HTC Droid Incredible, the HTC EVO 4G among many many more. The question is however, how do they stack up against Apple with iOS 4 and the iPhone 4?

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32 Replies to “D3Live: iPhone 4 vs. Android”

  1. PureEvilC0re

    @skjoyner because i was talking about the size in the browser… sorry for missunderstanding, but why would u change the textsize? on the note maybe but on 4" devices? hm, …
    so sorry for that dude, my bad^^

  2. PureEvilC0re

    @skjoyner let me guess: u bought a 300$ device and compare it to the iphone right? hell yeah… of course u can enlarge the text with android! just use your fucking head!
    apple devices are for people whos are to stupid for any kind of pc, smartphone or toaster


    @number1barber please. shut up. it was june 2007 and at that time those were really good features, it is FAST and not many phones (almost none) had those features before the iphone launch. also, there are many apps on it (same on android). i know what i say because i tried many times an iphone 2g.
    and no, i am not an apple fanboy, i prefer android.


    Android sucks , its a bad copy of IOS…..And about iPhone …… , apps for iPhone are a million times better than android and if u dont have money dont buy iPhone U IDIOTS!!! Android is for poor and idiots that cant afford iPhone's expences!!!!

  5. Dan B

    i actually like multitasking on my iphone.. what i would like is to be able to close all the apps running in the background without having to close each separately..

  6. Ku LuPee

    @skjoyner LOL. Nice attempt at trying to make to make Android look bad but you were soooooo poor with your excuse, it's not even funny. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…… yes it was. Ok, first of all, even the stupidiest person is able to figure out that you're lying. 1 – You can enlarge the the text simply by pinching & zooming (you'd know this if you REALLY had as Android phone). 2 – Majority of the Android phone has a BIGGER, much more MANLIER screen, which equals text larger than iCrap HAHA nice try guy

  7. sitbackrelaxxx

    @Koppis1337 Really?? I have to explain this again?? Jailbreak = equals cheap and second hand attempt to turn an iphone into an Android device. Android devices do more and have more to offer then your iphone 4. That's all fact not opinion

  8. TheBigclow

    I have 20/20 in one eye and 20/200 in the other my galaxy s serves me fine….you're argument is a fail. And I doubt you're vision is any worse than that

  9. sitbackrelaxxx

    @iBeHikaru Android app market is growing faster then the iOS app store, a lot faster. Android has over 200,000 apps now while the Apples app store has around 340,000 apps. about 5 months ago Android app market had about 100,000 apps while Apples app store had about 300,000 apps. Just to give you an idea. Not to mention that Android is now the largest mobile OS in the world now passing Symbian. Android is just drastically growing faster then anything else. Not bad for being a new OS huh??

  10. MelonSquares

    I think this whole debate on Android and iPhones is unethical 😐 I have a HTC Inspire 4g and an iPhone 4. I don't like one more than an another but I still notice flaws and pros when using these phones. Android lacks smooth motion iPhone has but the iPhone lacks customization that Android has to feature. The Android Market has about 200,000 apps while the Apple App Store has about 340,000 apps. I love how most of the apps on the Android Market is free while apps on the Apple App Store is like 9

  11. sitbackrelaxxx

    @eventfularse Thanks for speaking up, its always nice to see someone with a brain speak. This dude is just butt hurt because I was able to lay facts down and he can't. Thanks bro

  12. sitbackrelaxxx

    @xxxforensic Still no answer to my question though, surprise surprise. Doesn't it suck that I made you my bitch because you can't answer back with a liable arguement?? This could have been a civil disscussion but you had to go out and start trolling and now look. Keep on spiting useless and meaningless that further pushes my point and making yourself look like Steve Jobs personal fluffer boy isheep apple bot. Ha ha cry some more cry baby.

  13. Jonathan Pereira

    @eventfularse Apple doesn't require approval AT&T does you clown..oh he made some valid points? An hdmi port? That's the reason u should get a droid instead of an iPhone? Oh but the fact the iPhone has the best screen ever made in a cellphone means nothing though right?..dude buy whatever phone u want..us people with iPhones know that theres nothing equal..just sloppy imitations..choppy interfaces and slow data speeds..have fun with the droid but the iPhone is way more user enjoyable..

  14. Jonathan Pereira

    @sitbackrelaxxx ok so I go for the trendy logo? But ur blabbing about being able to get diff sizes and colors? Lmao..your just mad u didn't get approved for the iPhone u bum..stop hating

  15. sitbackrelaxxx

    @xxxforensic Actually yes I can completely control my FIOS with my phone wirelessly just like your phone can control your apple tv…. clown ha. And my phone act as a remote as well if i want it to. 4g is faster. Even with only 3g, Android devices have a faster processor then your iphone and some have more RAM. So, im still waiting for what your phone can do that Android phones can't.

  16. sitbackrelaxxx

    @xxxforensic Bottom line, me and everyone else on here that's not a fanboy will take a device that offers more and a choice of many shapes and sizes to choose over a trendy logo that people buy for a fashion statement like a teenage high school girl would do. Glad you love your phone but you can stop with all the fanboy statements now, nobody likes an iphone fanboy. Plus everyone already knows better by now, just look at all the people that prefer android over the iphone these days.

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