Dead By Daylight| Confirmed for Apple iOS & Android mobile devices? Game footage leaks! NEWS!

Well it looks like we may have confirmation of at least one other leak that came out of the developer build 3.0.0. as well as the confirmation of Ghostface coming to Dead By Daylight.

DBD on Apple and Android mobile devices? 😮

Last week there were some images floating around on Reddit about DBD on mobile as well as a structure for a Battle Pass system. There wasn’t much traction on it because most people dismissed it as fake. I asked some people who had given me previous information about dev build things to see if they could corroborate any of the information given on Reddit. At first I heard nothing back but then after several days they all came back at once confirming that they saw a mobile project being worked on in the file folders.

Then today shm0ul put up footage of the mobile project. The jury is still out on the battle pass. But what if the battle pass goes hand in hand with the mobile project? What if DBD will be free to play on Apple and Android devices but will have a battle pass option for revenue. That would make sense as a mobile game revenue stream right?

Anyway, here’s the footage of Huntress walking around in the cornfield, as well as a demonstration of the market which seems like a replacement system for the grind of the web.

Here’s the post by redditor shm0ul showing the mobile device project footage:

Here’s the post by Redditor bakkardii sharing the mobile version screenshots:

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25 Replies to “Dead By Daylight| Confirmed for Apple iOS & Android mobile devices? Game footage leaks! NEWS!”

  1. Marc B

    Welp I dont want to keep beating the dead horse buuuut com on Devs fix other issues with game before making it for mobile…. there my last kick to the horse

  2. GBR_Edog

    I know this is off topic but I watched a sad movie and I could not stop crying so I go on dbd to try to help me not be sad and then I see I was banned and I was crying for hours.

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