Dear Android Makers, iPhone 5s is Getting iOS 12!

Phone 5s, a 5-year old iPhone is getting the latest iOS 12 update and we bet you cannot name an Android phone launched in 2012, 2014 or even 2015 that has received Android Oreo. Yes, Android updates is a big problem and something that needs to be fixed and that’s what we are talking about in this video.

We are demonstrating this video using the iPhone 5s, iPhone X, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5T, Google Pixel and more.

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41 Replies to “Dear Android Makers, iPhone 5s is Getting iOS 12!”

  1. Rakesh Darji

    Thanks for covered and compare such wonderful topic in this video. Still i have Iphone 5s and working condition such great. It is big reason that i never use android phone from the beginning ! b'cos phones hardware not reliable and same said for software version and big reason day to day performance goes decries as compare to IOS device. no doubt IOS device price defiantly matter in economy markate range phone. But if once you use quality product then no one can beat IOS devices yet. but android device has to be get latest update then user have to get reward to buying such product.

  2. Rizki Suryanto

    5:26 should i share this video to myself? ?
    I don't need custom rom, i don't need root. All i need is a launcher to make my phone looks like having the latest android version
    5.1 Boiiiiisssss ??

  3. Sumanta Kollya

    What is the use of using new OS when the previous ones suffice pretty well. OS are meant for getting things done properly . OS update only sounds nice but not much profitable almost like kernel updates.

  4. Nóòb Plāyer

    You can't sell your iPhone 5/5s for $1000 to buy the new iPhone X,
    But android users sell there phone, and just a little more and get new OS and bunch of extra features?✌

  5. Sumit Kumar

    Chacha..that is because the whole iOS ecosystem is controlled by apple whether it be hardware or software, so pushing updates is lot easier. On the other hand Android ecosystem has hundreds of manufactures controlling their own hardware and software. But of you see the Android one/Nexus/ Pixel devies the updates are fast because the gap between hardware manufacturer and software provider is less.

  6. Aniket Dhuri

    Yeah, I love Android too, but there are so many Android manufacturers and they dont give a f*ck about old phones.
    And on the other hand iPhones are made by only and only apple. So I think that's why they care about their phones.

  7. Joloham

    Updating an old device is iphone's trick of slowing down their old phones, just compare ios 6 iphone 4s to ios 9+ iphone 4s, horrible

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