Debunking iPhone – Security – Apple – Commercial

Don’t believe the hype! Lots of Android phones are encrypted and you can install Antivirus programs as well.

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iPhone Security Apple Commercial

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27 Replies to “Debunking iPhone – Security – Apple – Commercial”

  1. Tha Duke

    Hey, weren't those stolen nude pics from movie stars and models etc. taken from iPhones and iPhone related tech? Yes/no? If it were, not sure how much more secure Apple can be than Android.

  2. I Am Prometheus

    I know my s8+ is more secure than an iPhone. Not only is the phone encrypted by default you can encrypted the SD card and Samsung Knox with secure folder which is extremely secure.

  3. Andropple 101

    This is where I laugh at you trying to debunk Apple and it's security measures. I'm not sure you're doing you're do diligence, because of your bias.

    The facts are simple. Google, while is gives you freedom, also allows unmeasured access to your device because of all that freedom. It doesn't mean you'll be hacked, it means simply that you can get disrupted or even malicious information onto your device without you even trying. I remember back when I sold a few Straight talk phones when they would get what we called the "lock up" which was a malicious spam attack on the device that would prevent you from getting into anything. Mostly this was because people visited porn sites but then that's another freedom. So the reality is that Apple does not do the same with their app store. All apps, must go through a process to be approved and even then they are watched. THis doesn't mean they have the best security, it means it's harder to get past their safeguards. But then that's what we expect having open access.

  4. C Dem

    very good said bro…i don't believe on iPhone security….i think that commercial off is stupid, will only work for the ones that don't know jack about Android!! if thou factory reset your phone it will ask to enter the email address it was registered at first!!

  5. Phil PJ Davis

    Hi Gregg. my security is so good, I can't use my Google Assistant when phone is in AOD, and or on a locked home screen. also wouldn't work just now when in another app such as Facebook! I said "Hi Google" to set an alarm and nothing. although I have all the settings set. Even now Google won't open for a COMMAND! I am so upset bout no BIXBY voice. I waited 5 years for a off screen command to answer my phone and place calls again! like "HI Galaxy" did.i hate now that I have to reach for my phone to answer it while I'm sleeping or make a call with out picking it up! All the settings are set u!??

  6. imd syafiqyusop

    Fuck off with apple!! everythingapplepro did show several videos where iphone easily attacked by virus..especially when iphone click any link that contain malware or trojan where on android can handle w those antivirus apps..seriously i did watched his video.. #gregglestv

  7. hltigue

    Apple security commercial is a joke just ask Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities who have their nude pictures posted all over the Internet


    i'm guessing your next video is another debunking isn't it?
    well you will never get a virus on ios but if you are not careful enough you will on android. an average user doesn't know about 'antivirus'
    so yeah.. see you in your next debunking vid as that's what i have left to do now..

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