DJI Osmo Mobile 3 with Apple Iphone 11 pro vs Android Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Filmic Pro, Moment

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 with Apple Iphone 11 pro vs Android Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Filmic Pro, Moment.
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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 with Apple Iphone 11 pro vs Android Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Filmic Pro, Moment. Let’s compare Iphone 11 pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. Which phone is more stable? What is inside of DJI Mimo, Filmic Pro, Moment and Native Camera app? #dji #iphone #android

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49 Replies to “DJI Osmo Mobile 3 with Apple Iphone 11 pro vs Android Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Filmic Pro, Moment”

  1. Maria Abellana

    Hi! Im a newbie in youtube, and i really want to learn more on videography, i think its my hidden passion..😁 just had my OM3, but i used it to my android, since i watched your video, I am so eager to have an iphone, so i can pursue my passion but still not sure if which iphone to buy.. Iphone 11 pro( bcoz it has 3 lens? or Iphone 12 coz of some upgrade specs)… Could you help me please if which one is better for making videos???😊 Thank you.😘

  2. ed ton

    I know I'm 9 mths late but tbh I'm as confused now as I was yesterday, I currently have S9plus and pay £10/mth, I phone 12 pro which I'm considering is £60/mth, I cant decide if the £50/mth is worth it tbh, I do want start creating ,currently have a Sony A6300 but will soon have A 6400 but don't really want buy a gimbal for that so would rather use phone for video, I have OM4 that tbh hasn't been switched on.I also find Filmic Pro confusing, HELP !!! haha
    100% go to channel Zdenka, Thanks for being awesome .

  3. Nikhil Tanksale

    I am great fan of your videos.. I am begginer.. I owned S10plus.. Will by my first gimble plz suggest between hohem isteady x or Dji Om 4.. With flimic Pro. I Like to use wide angle lens. Thx in advance 👍

  4. adrian collings

    Hi Zdenka. I am completely new to all smartphone camera work but find your videos very helpful. I have just bought an Osmo 3. What I would like to ask you is what phone would you choose from iPhone 11, not the pro, and the Huawei P30/40 pro? I will only use native app and Mimo app, not Filmic Pro or Moment.

  5. Trevor Thomas

    I own the S10 and just bought the DJI osmo 3 and basically really wanted to get rid of handshake and take basic 4k video so I hope this will be fine? and saying that I own a DJI drone which does work amazing with an Apple ipad mini 4. DJI have always been more toward Apple…thanks for the video

  6. Anna Lewicka

    Hi I really enjoy your videos 👍 I have questions do you see any different in colors reproduction between both phones, witch one is more true to life😉

  7. Russell Thom

    Thanks for the video, it answered many of my questions. I have a p 20 pro and a s10, I was wondering what features I would not have by using the android platform.

    Thanks again, keep up with the great vids!

  8. Fars

    Ahoi from Germany.

    Another great video. I don't understand why the apps for iPhone have more and better functions than Android, even though there are more Android smartphones.

    I switched from iPhone 5s to Samsung (since that I had Note 4 to now 10+) because I didn't want to be a slave of Apple.

  9. Kushagra Grey

    Hi, there.
    I wanted to ask something about the DJI Gimbal with Android:
    Can we use the native camera app (e.g. Samsung) and still be able to control the pitch, yaw and tilt using the joystick and the trigger on the gimbal?

    I understand the auto-tracking and other "software based" features are limited to the DJI Mimo app, but the angles of the gimbal head should be hardware based.

    Can you please look into it and leave a reply whenever it's convenient for you, ma'am?

    A reply will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  10. Pablo Rogat

    Great video. The benefit of filmic pro is the possibility of record in LOG (LogV2), this app gives me amazing results on my iPhone 11 Pro , I don’t know if the Mimo app will bring the same quality. Cheers 🍻

  11. 9aus

    as an android user, I regret having bought the osmo 3 mobile, since their mimo app simply does not support external microphones. So if you want to use active track plus an external microphone, you are screwed, since active track only works with the mimo app.

  12. Vipin V S

    I've ordered DJI osmo mobile 3 and I'm an android user… Please tell me which one is better for me, Zhiyun smooth 4 or DJI osmo mobile 3 ?? Now I'm totally confused. 😒🤐

  13. Julio Ayala

    Very informative, thank you so much Zdenka. I'm new to this photography hobby, so I recently bought an Osmo Mobile 3. The problem is I have a new Galaxy A71 5G android phone I plan to use on the Gimbal. I guess my question is, do you recommend I use the gimbal with the Android programming or connect to the DJI app? I can't seem to record stable videos when connected to DJI.

  14. Michael Joseph Richard.

    Thanks great info! I bought the Osmo 3 and loved your demo videos for it, unfortunately my IPhone 6 did not work so well with it, a lot of jittery pans… that phone was on its last legs and battery lasted about 10 minutes with the Osmo… So I researched for an upgrade and looked into going over to Android, but this video convinced me to stick with Apple. Now I’m waiting for my 11 Pro to come so I can start playing again 📽. I think I’ll watch some more of your channel while I wait!

  15. Jade Sambrook

    Great video and very helpful comparison. I use the DJI Osmo 3 with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I am able to use an external microphone like you have shown in your vlogging set up by simply using the lighting port dongle supplied by Apple and a TRS to TRRS adapter cable (made by Rode).

  16. Teatromarinos Travel Nation

    Oh my ahoy i learned a lots, a lots to talk about, i have only one resoure that is mobile filming that i can afford as of now so i like to learn more creative challenge that stand out of other shoots using mobile videography thank you for sharing your knowlegde i owe a lot from you thank you very much

  17. Travel Xplorer

    It sucks that DJI treats android users as second class citizens. Don't really care for slow-mo since I can use the S20 native camera app for that. Lack of 60fps and manual controls (shutter speed, ISO) is a big bummer.

  18. Alejandra Vasquez

    Zdenka had me at "I'm an Android user", so am I (S10 for me right now). Why do you think DJI mimo doesn't allow manual on android or select the lenses, as they do for apple?

  19. Darko Antic

    I just bought dji osmo mobile 3 and paired it with my galaxy s10 plus. When I activate tracking feature video is chopping. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you

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