Do NOT Play this GAMECUBE & PS2 Emulator for iOS!

I am always getting comments asking what happened to GC4iOS and Play, two new and exciting emulators I covered over two years ago. So in this video let’s talk about what happened to these Gamecube and PlayStation 2 emulators for iPhone iPad and iPod!

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25 Replies to “Do NOT Play this GAMECUBE & PS2 Emulator for iOS!”

  1. Dr. Green Rice

    So these emulators ever corrupt or ruin devices?
    Just really don’t want to mess up my iPad since my touch responsiveness didn’t work and I don’t want to break it again. (Haven’t used emulator on my iPad)

  2. Gliscor YouTube

    Hey everyone, I am currently writing up a Pokémon game, and wanted to know if anyone could help me create it. The game is called Pokémon: Lost Legendary, and the main point of the game is to find Mewtwo and get help finding him from Mew once you beat the Pokémon League. Thanks for any help.

  3. SmallChan

    Legend. Not only tells people how do play ROMS on iOS (a hard thing) and now he’s telling people not to download something due to it being slow. You sir are amazing!

  4. Jovero PS4

    You know what’s crazy. I’ve been trying a lot of stuff for the last 3 days, just to be able to play “Ford Racing 2” and “sly raccoon” (sly cooper for ps2) on my iPhone X.

    And just got this video on my YouTube recommendation.

    Damm now i feel dumb for trying this hard to get let down this bad. ?

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