Do NOT Update to iOS 12! Why I Regret It

Why I Regret Updating to iOS 12 Beta 1 & Why You Shouldn’t. Seriously don’t do it.. it seems great until you actually use it.

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  1. Pro Wilson

    This is because ur apps are in the wrong folder. The Apps are in the Applications folder and should be in the var/containers/Bundle/Applications. YOU would have to jailbrake to remove the apps first, or you can try find my phone and erase the iphone with the problem. its not a bug its because of jailbrake and installing ipa's

  2. Kellyiii Light

    This is so weird because it didn’t happen with me what happened with me is now my apps are just not showing up and I can’t access them unless I go onto the App Store and it won’t let me re-download them

  3. Johnny Blitz

    Since I’ve updated to 12 my iPad Air keeps crashing after only 10 mins of playing marvel future fight. Can I go back to the previous update? Pls help

  4. Mina Vega

    I was using an application and my iPhone was turned off and started to restart and restart, to the point that from the logo of the apple did not pass and it was restarted again, it got too hot and it does not turn on anymore. I'll take it to see if it can be repaired, but my iCloud storage was full and I do not save any of my data. I have an old iPhone 5 that I use for games and its latest update ios 11.4 and it almost works very well, the only thing is that the camera does not work or the volume button.

  5. Grant Dvlogs

    I never update ios anymore. Only had terrible experiences. Had one crash totally. Had another mess up the home button. And another just totally killed the phone.

  6. Orbiting Gravity

    Well as of February 2019 iOS 12 is still hot garbage. All the memory overload and battery life drains and all the other bullshit you apple fanbois can keep this garbage. Selling this pos to an Apple retard and gonna get an Android because they do t try and force obsolescence on you to get you to buy a new phone every year. Fuck applaud all the fan bois

  7. Caroline Mallari

    Apple is getting worst. i hate when everytime i want to download free apps it ends up to payment info, although i want to change it into "NONE" its not showing this word "NONE" to delete the payment info.. its getting on my nerves, and one thing when im out of the country i cant send text en even call to somebody. theres a big issue in apple..

  8. 3lawii-117

    I've got a problem with my phone which was fine until a few days ago suddenly all my apps signed out on its own and when I tried opening the apps I only get white screen nothing is showing and if I re-enter my account it will sign me in but wont actually sign in officially "don't ask me how" I really don't know. if anyone knows how to help me fix my phone I will be thankful

  9. MovieViking

    Do not waste time listening to this guy – he's only having those problems because he chose to install a BETA version before Apple released the finished version.

  10. Random RimRock // TripleR

    Apple is trying to slow down iPhones and lowering their performances via software updates, and IOS 12.2 is going to punch the iPhone X, XS and XR. In IOS 12.3, they are getting punched harder. I'm not sure, some people are having these issues but others are fine. If you were to get a new phone, I'll suggest you to not update it until it's necessary, like apps not supported on your current IOS version or stuff like that. I do know that the older iPhones are the ones that get the hardest punches.

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