DOJ announces criminal charges against Huawei

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has unveiled criminal charges against Huawei Technologies Co. and its chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou. The firm is accused of stealing trade secrets, committing wire fraud and violating sanctions against Iran.

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  1. Juke

    BLAH BLAH BLAH……BLAH. Just like Colin Powell presentation of Iraq WMD at UN Security Council. Telling lies and propaganda , Americans are experts.

  2. Cave Man

    You can makeup as many charges as you wish since this is your land, your judge, your grand jury, you may win….China has its own prosecuter, , Judge, grand jury too

  3. Eric Tan

    Just as the accused are innocent until proven guilty, the prosecutors have the right to prove their case in court. Pre-judgment either way is not wise.
    The US DoJ has had egg splashed on its face for failing to prove their case (eg. Menendez bribery case). This goes to show the independence and transparency of the US Justice system.

  4. alexaNdRa

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  5. snowmanckh

    The Americans said to the Germans: We heard that you want to buy Huawei's 5G equipment, don't buy it, they will monitor you.

    German: How do you know that we have to buy.

    American: We heard from Merkel’s phone.

  6. Vincent liu

    Does those people confident for fair debate ? and responsible for their word?

    As telecom expert who listen to their wording just simply fooling the world who have no idea how the business technology works.

  7. Little Wing Jhendrix

    What was mischiveously reported by most other western media outlets about Huawei's "theft" of T-mobile's technology is actually a rehash of a settled case by US DoJ from 2017 for optics. Its sole purpose is to allow the Trump administration to show Huawei has a history of wrongdoing in technology "theft" and trumptards like you the bragging rights when arguing.
    But if one were to look into the details of the case, a case that was settled out of court between t-mobile and huawei, it is minor and the judge on the case even ruled she didn't find any wrongdoing by huawei. The technology "stolen" has nothing to do with smartphone design or even core telecommunication technology. It's about a robotic tester, Tappy, used to test the reliability of touchscreen on smartphones which Huawei doesn't even manufacture themselves, and rather sourced from a LCD manufacturer. T-mobile is not a competitor of Huawei, but a customer of Huawei. There's no reason for Huawei to "steal" from T-mobile to gain an advantage. It's simply geopolitics being hyped up by DoJ for political optics as part of US govenement's "whole of society" war to bring down Huawei. Is that the best DoJ can do, scraping the barrel's bottom and clutching at straws to demonise Huawei ??? Sheesh !

  8. Matt Blanco

    Dude. Doesn't China already make all those manufacturing robots already? Doesn't make sense. They can just buy them. They're not hurting for money.


    so huawei had to face law cause they tried to copy t mobiles robot?? seriously?? so what about facebook?? who sold US citizens info to Russia!! what about them??

  10. lmz

    oh they did tell us iraq have weapon of mass destruction.
    after the USA invade iraq.
    they say they cant find it.

    Now this.

  11. Jia Li

    Ametican first will only lower the confidence the world has over the U.S. Today the U.S. bully on China, tomorrow on other countries

  12. Bin Xaver

    The price of Huawei products will be very expensive for us!

    Real Price of Huawei = goverment subsidized price now +Vulnerability of our infrastructure in the future

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