DON'T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an awesome phone but I think most people would be better off spending their cash an a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. If you’ve got the cash for the Note 8 you’ll be happy with it but your dollar goes a lot further if you spend it on a Galaxy S8 or S8+.

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20 Replies to “DON'T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8”

  1. Lalit Sharma

    With his logic and screamy tone, no phone is worth it even if the price drops more than half next years when new flagship arrives:) In favor of Mother Earth, why not keep using those old Nokia phones then? Reduce your carbon footprint!

    Jokes apart, Galaxy Note Series is the best phone you can depend on with a complete package of all the features one looks for. Buying this Galaxy Note 8 after a year now in March 2019 with over 50% discount is still worth it and a better deal (at that price point) than any other 2019 phones around. As a Senior Banker (EVP Operations), I can say that its S – Pen feature comes in handy in more ways than one but only once you understand how to use it. Older Galaxy Series I had had lower battery issues but even then I used to find them more reliable and useful than other phones.

    And, I have been using the Galaxy Note series ever since our Blackberry phones became obsolete.

  2. Zac Price

    I've had the Note 8 since it was new and love it. Have had no want to upgrade. Only reason I may consider a new one is when 5G rolls out in my town, until then, I'm happy.

  3. Munish Khurana

    You are not getting the whole idea of a Note Series phone! People buy the note series phone because of the S-Pen that is uniquely integrated in the high performance device! Yes, the battery is small, but it was most probably a precautionary measure after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Also, in the long run the dual camera lens will come in pretty handy!

  4. guy

    Get it, you can buy it unlocked in 9/10 condition for 300$ Only thing that sucks in the placement of the fingerprint sensor.

  5. Amosh Pokhrel

    March 24, 2019
    On my way to buy a note 8 for $299 after using the samsung galaxy s8 for 6 months which i bought for $270…
    Can't complain on the price now huh…

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