Dragon Ball FighterZ: Android 16 Breakdown – Tips & Tricks

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 16 Gameplay Profile. Here are some tips and tricks for Android 16. His specials, supers, and how to play him.
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34 Replies to “Dragon Ball FighterZ: Android 16 Breakdown – Tips & Tricks”

  1. foad moalem

    we got blue red and green
    what does that oddly make me remember?
    THE POWER PUFF GIRLS for some reason
    this vid should be called POWER BALL GIRLS breakdown

  2. Jacob

    Looking at his shoulder Charge he reminds me of MVC2 Hulk. I love characters that Hug everyone to death so he's definitely gonna be in my top team. Also his Self Destruct is broken. I'm gonna abuse it until they nerf it. Shouldn't be too hard I got good enough that I could Demon Rage out of any jump or teleport in SF. The entire thing is paying attention to when your opponent is actually able to be hit after a fall if you are too far away.

  3. mrjoey94

    TGN: He's all about giving everyone free hugs.

    Nappa: I love free hugs!

    Vegeta: No Nappa, it's a trick!

    Nappa: But Vegeta! Tricks are for kids

    Vegeta: …

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