Dragon Ball FighterZ – Android 17 Tips & Tricks

(Timestamps below!)
Android 17 tips and tricks time! He’s an aggressive dynamo to say the least and hopefully this guide will show you some tricks towards that!

0:35 – Special & Super moves
10:42 – Accel driver tip #1 (anti airs!)
12:34 – Accel driver tip #2 (button hold and assist gimmick)
15:10 – Accel driver tip #3 (vanish combo)
16:51 – Accel driver tip #4 (option select)
19:17 – Some notes about android 17’s assist
21:57 – Wall dive trick #1 (stealing corners)
23:53 – Wall dive trick #2 (Tiger knee dives)
25:44 – Note about damage proration for 17
26:44 – Level 3 safejump
28:38 – General gameplan
34:45 – in closing

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31 Replies to “Dragon Ball FighterZ – Android 17 Tips & Tricks”

  1. rooflemonger

    Android 17 tips finally! We got a lot of mini sections here so make sure to use those timestamps in the vid description! (unless you just wanna watch it all then hey do that too!)

  2. Dan Silvia

    17's assist can also give Piccolo double supers. At the end of the combo, call 17 assist RIGHT before doing special beam cannon. The blast will catch them and piccolo can do standing M > special beam cannon again.

  3. Lightningbolt72

    Lmao in your next videos everytime you say permutations you should increase the volume, add an echo, and put the word on the screen with a dramatic zoom in or flair. I think it'll add some spice to your videos!

  4. Lump of Trash

    Where would you stick Android on a team? I run Bardock, Krillin, and Cell (in that order, sorry for the unintentional scummery of two top tiers), and have been looking to switch it up to really get back into the game. Where could Android 17 fit into that set up the best, not taking assists into account (to balance things out) as much. Thanks for the great video(s)!

  5. Phdbot4

    Wow! There's a lot of tech to take note of for 17. I personally find it interesting how his Accel Drive along with Cooler's Down-Forward Heavy both have anti-air properties.

  6. Unluckythirteen

    As more stuff is found with 17 it seems like yamcha partners with him extremely well. On top of just being well fit characters with their assists and supers, just having two characters that can really make your opponent sweat on block is pretty nice if you like doing that to people.

  7. Chris M

    I like how this dude warns ppl that the character he plays specifically has counters to a lot of character moves and how to try to beat a good Broly

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