[EASY STEPS] Downgrade Android 9 One UI to Android 8 Oreo on Galaxy S9 / S8 / Note 9 / Note 8

This video will show you how to downgrade Android 9 Pie to Official Android 8.0 Oreo for any Samsung Galaxy Device without tripping Knox or formatting data. Works perfectly on Exynos and Snapdragon variants. Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, Note 9 and Note 8.


Download Links:
Stock ROM: SamMobile.com
Odin v13:
Samsung Drivers:

How to Downgrade One UI to Android Oreo 8
Downgrade Samsung Galaxy Note 9 One UI to Android Oreo.
Downgrade Samsung Galaxy S9 One UI to Android Oreo.

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46 Replies to “[EASY STEPS] Downgrade Android 9 One UI to Android 8 Oreo on Galaxy S9 / S8 / Note 9 / Note 8”

  1. TechnoGenuine

    This is an updated video, no need to enable USB debug or OEM unlock. IMPORTANT PICK CSC THAT FORMATS THE DEVICE. You have already backed up so no need to worry.

    Let us know if it worked for ya!

  2. Jacek Gliński

    Worked brilliantly on my EE locked S8+. Pie update literally ruined this phone. Lags, stutters, very poor battery even after a week of use. Thought I won't be able to downgrade due to bootloader update but gave it a go and was lucky! Got my snappy phone back:) Cheers for the video.

  3. Hưng Trần

    Hi, i'm using an S9 model SM-G960U, does this method still works since i have the latest update in April. And do i have to root my phone to downgrade it because i have apps that won't work if i root my phone.

  4. Andrea Foffe

    Hi thanks for the video but I am not a technological person obviously as I don't know what the hell you're talkin about so my question is to anybody that will answer. if I bring my s8 to a cell phone type repair place would they do this for me question mark over this be considered you know a real bad thing legally or otherwise morally maybe? I can't stand this Android pie I can't do it anymore I'm going to throw my fucking phone out the window soon if I can't get it back. Please take some pity on a senior citizen that needs help thanks a lot really.

  5. 02xZαɳ

    Welp. Its time to say Goodbye to my phone. Its because once a upgraded to 9.0 (Pie) I couldn't do anything. Now I consider it a clock!

  6. HighLemon 4719

    Bro I need your urgent help!! I bought my S8+ (6GB variant) from mainland China. The language was set in English but however the phone dialog app has still stuffs in Chinese and even the weather app. Now if I download a firmware suppose from European or US S8 firmware, will it resolve my issues??

  7. MusicMan

    I can see you don't reply to most questions, but after the Pie update on April 10th, which raised the bootloader number to 3, this won't work on a lot of devices anymore, since most of them come with a factory Oreo 2 and you can't downgrade from 3 to 2. It would be nice if you'd comment on this.

  8. Mike DeFina

    hi I was told with update 3 of pie this no longer works. something about the latest patch they changed the binary? Is that true? is there a work around? thanks – thank God I rolled back last month!

  9. GameCastIdiots HD

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ SM-G965u with Android 9 (Pie). I am all set and ready to go ahead but I am wondering if I will be able to do it on my phone. I have read from many sites the the SM-G965u has a locked bootloader and thus it is harder to root (the reason I am downgrading to 8 is because there is a root method not available in 9). How should I proceed in downgrading, and will the locked bootloader affect my chances of failure/bricking my phone if I choose to proceed?

  10. thonk emojo

    For some reason, sammobile will not let me sign up. I entered all the fields correctly but it keeps saying that the two email addresses don't match even though I entered the same exact thing. How is this happening?

  11. Mohammed Imran Awan

    Worked like a miracle!….many thanks….Actually Call Recording is my primary concern which got disabled in Pie. So wanted to downgrade to Oreo. A very easy to follow guideline video. Thanks mate!

  12. Frank B.

    Thanks! Your methods worked, but I had a bootloop issue that was remedied by wiping cache and factory resetting. Also, to anyone trying this, Samsung Switch didn't put all my apps back so I had a few that I had to hunt down like Health and Recorder so make sure you have a list of apps you have (easily done with an adb command 🙂 ).

  13. Manny C

    thanks a lot! it was a little trouble at first kept getting stuck @ 32% when starting up and then kept restarting, but i just kept trying the process over and over until it finally worked. thanks again. 🙂 what i do for PRO MODE VIDEO! 😀

  14. Dominik Pažameta

    I literally don't have bixby button 'cause I'm on galaxy a6 plus, and this phone has snapdragon. What do I do 'cause I really want to go back to android oreo because android pie pretty much fu***d up my phone. Please answer.

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