EMUI 8.0 [Android Oreo] for Honor 7X [What's new?]

The new update for Honor 7X has been released which upgrades software to Android Oreo. The first look of Oreo is shared in this video. Please note that only those who have signed up as a beta tester have received the update.

50 Replies to “EMUI 8.0 [Android Oreo] for Honor 7X [What's new?]”

  1. Parth Acharya

    Where is floating dock in 8.0 version…? I couldn't find it but it was available in 7.0 version, it is very useful and contain screen lock option rather than using power button numerously . So kindly look into it.

  2. Kazeem Yusuf

    Please, my honor 7x is bnd l21 region mainland China but am in Nigeria. How can I update? I received the update on my phone and am afraid to click update to avoid damaging. Because, my honor 8 is the same mainland China region. Damage by update and I can't fix it upto date. Pls, email me on kezzy820@gmail.com. For to do it, Thanks

  3. Nachiket Pargaonkar

    When I play YouTube video in fullscreen mode, the contrast/brightness changes suddenly to sort of bright/washed out display. If I lock the screen & unlock, the issue resolves. Can anyone help?

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