Emulator Not working in android studio, error: x86 emulation FIX (2019)

This Video tutorial How to Fix emulator: error: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration! in Android Studio, & how to fix emulator not work with android studio with windows 10 , emulator not work with windows 8, emulator not work with windows 7, all problem has been solved , pleas watch this video complete so that you can easily fix your err,
The basic process of emulator not working is

• AVD not configure properly
• Intel x86Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer) not installed in pc
• Intel virtualization technology (vt,vt-x) is not enabled” in your pc

Camera which I have used: –
Microphone which I have used:-
Light I have used: –
Tripod which I have used :-

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33 Replies to “Emulator Not working in android studio, error: x86 emulation FIX (2019)”

  1. Al Tra

    Bro Maine gameloop emulator me pubg mobile khela tha.
    Ajanak mera PC auto restart hone laga.
    Ye kis problems ke liye hua?
    Please bata do

  2. Andrian B

    Вариант решения если в имени пользователя кириллица :

    Открываем "Этот компьютер" – "Свойства системы" – "Дополнительные параметры системы" – "Переменные среды" – "Переменные среды для ПК" – "Создать".

    1 запись: Имя – "ANDROID_SDK_ROOT", значение – путь к папке с SDK (например D:androidsdk )

    2. запись: Имя "ANDROID_SDK_HOME", значение – путь к папке проектами (например D:androidproject )

    Пути для записей должны быть разными.

    Ничего не помогало, после этого у меня все заработало!

  3. Ashok Kumar

    I did all the things given in this video. But the emulator never works !!!The error which it is giving is "Emulator error : detected a hanging thread QEMU main loop. No response for 18261 ms". What is the problem with ths ??

  4. Karim

    Hi ! I got this error in android studio – package install error failure install failed dexopt error launching application on android sdk built for x86. Any solution?

  5. SeSu Editz

    Enable VT-x in your BIOS security settings, ensure that HAXM is installed properly. Try disabling 3rd party security software if the problem still occurs.

    help me i'm getting this msg

  6. Megha Sharma

    sir big fan of u………..i hav a problm this time is that my emulator is showing not installed but it is installed …………..and i have done all type of solution given on internet but it didnt worked can u please help me…..

  7. Fact Tech

    Bhai Android studio (SDK Tools ) mein Intel x86 emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer) install nahi ho raha hai.
    Mera Intel nahi hai AMD processor use karti ho.
    Please reply

  8. Prince Anumba

    Actually , you are using the same laptop as mine ,and i know i can't enable virtualisation……I think you intentionally drifted the camera and ended the video without actually fixing the error…not cool bro!!!!

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