EU refuses to ban Chinese tech giant Huawei

The European Union won’t require its member countries to ban Huawei from their wireless networks, despite the U.S.’s warning that the Chinese tech giant poses an intelligence threat. Cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright reacts to the EU’s decision.

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23 Replies to “EU refuses to ban Chinese tech giant Huawei”

  1. Cave Man

    You have been spent most of your time bombing innocent people , now u r falling behind,…. accusing other people for your own mistakes maybe the key to save face.

  2. LSC I Tube

    Can you hear the sheer jealousy expressing its boo hoos 'cause somebody is doing what what they would have done if they had that tech…
    Please,can someone give me a hint about the reputation of the NSA ?Back then when we learn about their spying,did they need 5G to do it ?
    We go to war under the guise of freedom or democracy(?)to satisfy our corporations &/or protect our "petro dollar" initiative,slapping sanctions left & right on anyone that defy us(meaning doing what they think is best for them;concept of national sovereignty to the crapper)
    Leaving a trail of deaths,coup d'etat,rebellions & utter destruction…well,despite all of that ,we still have the balls to criticize those that would want to play our own game ?
    Laughable !

  3. Gei Xiong

    Why the American Globalists can keep spy on everybody. Listen to this Idiot, he sounds just like a Terrorist. Clear espinage…ha ha…Five eyes just got poke. What a cry baby…Boo Hoo..we can't compete…boo hoo…

  4. Matthew Ng

    Cant wait until the world changes and US becomes #2. these dinosaurs clearly need a wake up call. So arrogant and egocentric. There attitude is us against everyone else, its terrible. Socialism that communist that… so black and white. Morons

  5. JOY

    Because EU countries have huge debts, some of their high officials might be bribed by CCP, half of the UK electrical company and Publuc companies half of their stocks are owned by China government. EU wants China investment and money.

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